Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week One: MTC WOW

Week One: Photos!


My companions.

Elder Greenburg (???)


Seriously though. Mail.

Sister Tule told me I'm Tongan. I had to document it.

My cup!

My package!

The view from my window.

hi. meet my life. aka my room.

hi. meet my life. aka my room.

hi. meet my life. aka my room.

I ran into Sister Applegate while doing mail today. We had a class at SLCC, and she's headed to Georgia on Monday!

So my life the past 2.5 days has been so incredibly unreal.  It's only been 2.5 days and I have no idea where to even begin.  So after I left you lovelies, (and yes I did consider dropping my things and jumping back into the truck) my host took me over and sent me into a room where they put on my tag.  And then they sent me "around the corner" to the bookstore.  "You can't get lost" they said, I promptly proved them wrong and ended up two floors down in the boys dorms?  By myself?  Nobody knows how or why.  So I successfully got lost within six minutes of being at the MTC.  

Sister Anderson is my companion.  She's sweet.  We're doing pretty well.  We also had a sister from Tonga that was added to our companionship.  So we're a trio now.  Her name is Sister Kaumatule she's really sweet.  Her family is really poor, and she hasn't gotten any mail yet.  I'll keep you posted on her.  But we're having a good time.

After we dropped off our bags they walked us into our classroom where our teacher immediately started speaking Cebuano to us.  They will not speak English to us.  Cebuano is so hard!  And it just sounds like gibberish.  But after an hour of teaching us, she asked me to kneel and offer a prayer in Cebuano.  It was choppy, but I was able to do it.  So I guess the gift of tongues is pretty real, eh?  We had a bunch of new kid meetings, but nothing overly exciting.  I love my teacher Sister Ormsby.  She's really sweet.  I feel like I can connect pretty well with her.  I feel best when I'm in my classroom with her.  She reminds me a lot of my friend Jeanette Knight.  They could honestly be sisters.  Its kind of a weird comfort, because I feel like we're already friends.  

The first night was really rough.  I got probably the worst sleep of my entire life haha.  The three of us just sat in our room and all cried ourselves to sleep.  Yesterday was pretty rough too.  I'm just homesick.  The MTC is way harder than I anticipated.  It's so busy and crazy.  But we're officially praying in only Cebuano, and then if we don't know the word in Cebuano we can say it in English.  We have to memorize a short testimony in Cebuano by tonight and say it to five people.  And then tomorrow we are teaching our first lesson.  In CEBUANO ONLY.  It's really hard, and I'm a little behind my companions.  But we're working on it.  Our district only consists of us three sisters.  Hopefully a third is coming today.  The district next to us is just two elders.  The other two elders that were supposed to be in it never showed up.  And then the other district in our zone is just two sisters and an elder.  So it's a really really small zone.  We met the Branch Presidency last night.  They're pretty nice.  The branch preidencies wives are my favorite.  One of them hugged me and kissed me on the cheek when she met me and I just started crying haha.  We had interviews with the branch president last night, and he could tell that I was struggling.  So I asked him for a blessing.  He and his two counselors gave me a nice blessing.  I was able to not cry myself to sleep last night.  Victory, I tell you.  We went to the temple this morning.  AND I FINALLY GOT MAIL LAST NIGHT.  It was seriously the best thing ever.  Tender mercies for sure.  Please keep sending me mail, it brings so much comfort.  And mom, I got your package today!  Thank you.  I'll write you back soon.  I pushed play on the tape recorder and immediately started crying.  It was so great.  
The food is alright.  But the chocolate milk is amazing.  #blessed.  

The showers are a big struggle in my life.  Communal showers + no hot water + zerp water pressure is an adventure.  Well, I think that basically sums it up.  I'll send out another quick email of pictures.  Love you guys so so much.  

Love, Carlee

OH.  I FORGOT SOMETHING.  My first day, we went to dinner around 4:30.  And some random Elder walked up to me and says "Hey, do you know Aubrey?"  And i just stared at him and said "Aubrey McCleve?" and he said "yes" I was just like YES SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND HOW DO YOU KNOW HER.  Turns out it was Greenberg (he's friends with a bunch of my friends, we've just never met) so somehow within four hours of being in the MTC I still found a way to be connected to Aubrey haha. 

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