Monday, March 31, 2014

The Phlipping Philippines

yes, I have been saving that joke for like four months.  I hope you laughed as hard as I did.  So, I'm officially here!  It's been a crazy couple of days.  I don't have a ton of time, but I'll try to give a quick run down.  The last couple of days in the MTC were a complete blur.  We had so many meetings and things to do.  Saturday night we decided to do a load of laundry one last time so we didn't pack dirty clothes.  So we met with Leah one last time, and then promptly went and did our laundry.  We started it around8:30.  So in theory it should have been done around 9:30.  So we go and start packing and are doing all of that fun stuff and we go to switch the laundry to find out that one load just stopped half way through!  So we just started it, because what else could we do?  We go and contine to pack when they call us down to the information desk because there is a sister who arrived early from Kiripest (I don't know how to spell that) and she needed us to be her companions.  So we went and picked her up and started setting her up in our room.  Which was quite the challenge because  we were all trying to pack us up and unpack her.  It was a hot mess.  Suddenly there is a knock on the door, Sister Storey opens the door up and literally ten sisters from Kiripest all tackle her to the ground, step on top of her and hug the new sister.  It was such chaos.  I think I nearly died from laughing so hard over Sister Storey's face.  At this point, it was about10:40 and we needed to go get our laundry.  Mind you, lights out is at 10:30.  We had a long discussion over whether it was better to break curfew to get our laundry or break the sabbath.  We decided taht we would run and grab them then so they woulnd't be all wrinkly.  It was the sketchiest and creepiest thing to be running around the MTC that late past curfew.  We walked in to the entrance to the laundry room and it was just black.  It was supposed to be locked, but someone hadn't shut the door all the way.  So we snuck into the laundry room in pitch black, found our dryer and took the clothes out in silence before running back to our room.  Basically we are rebels without a cause.  It was really funny though.  The next day was Sunday.  It was really great.  We had so many meetings and things to do.  That night we got together with all of our elders and had one last testimony meeting.  It was really powerferful.  We are all going to different missions, so it was hard.  We ended the meeting by standing in a circle with our arms around each other singing Army of Helaman and then knelt in prayer.  (we are such cheesy missionaries oh my gosh). That night we finished up packing and got to bed around 12:30.  About forty minutes after laying there, I just hear Sister Anderson in the bunk above me whisper "sister?"  I stood up and who knows how this even happens, but we both just looked at each other and knew that we were both really nervous and scared.  Next thing I know, we both just grab all of our sheets and throw them on the floor and sleep on the floor by each other.  It was really fun, and exactly what we needed.  We just laughed and had a lot of fun until we fell asleep.  We woke up at four, finished packing and getting ready and then said one last prayer as a district in our room.  The elders all woke up at 4:30 to carry our bags and say goodbye to us.  They are the best ever.  As we were getting on the bus they all shook our hands, started to cry and sang God be with you till we meet again.  Rude, right?  Some of those boys are my best friends.  I'm really going to miss them.  Then starts the crazy.  I don't even know what happened over the next two days.  The flights were crazy for sure.  We slept as much as possible.  Sister Anderson and I sat by each other on each flight, we had a really good sleeping situation down.  We got some good sleep, and just laughed and wrote in each others journals.  We are so close.  We have really just become the best of friends.  It's unreal that in six weeks we never once fought or got on each others nerves.  We really just get each other.  Multiple times on the flight we would just look at each other and grab the others hand, or rub their back.  Something little to know that we were together and it was okay.  When we finally landed in Manila we got through customs, and as I was trying to finish up with custo,s the lady in charge started to get mad that I had so much stuff.  She didn't believe me that it was just clothes and hair stuff.  I was really scared because the rest of my group had already gotten through.  And then the heavens opened and a woman appeared from behind me and started speaking in tagolog to the lady.  And suddenly I heard "missionaryo.  18 months" and the lady lets me through.  I looked back nearly crying as the woman shook my hand and told me that she's a member and to enjoy my mission.  Tender mercies for sure my friends.  

So we go to a hotel, and it's just this tiny tiny room where there are five mattresses on the ground.  us four sisters shared a room with a random Filipina sister who is getting ready to go to Texas on her mission.  We got to bed around 12:30 and then were up again at 4:00.  We get to the airport and Sister Anderson and I are trying to check in and they just can't seem to find our passes.  Come to find out, they had moved our flight and didn't tell us.  So we had already missed our flight to Cebu.  They take us away from the rest of our group and start trying to find a way to get us to Cebu.  I truthfully thought we weren't even going to get to say goodbye to our district.  After some talking, they found a way to get us on the plane with the rest of the group.  We got through security and all that jazz and found our district so worried.  We then tried to find a way to call the mission president to let him know we were coming.  It was an adventure.  We got a hold of the AP's before it kicked us off the phones.  We got on our plane to Cebu and all was well.  We landed, got our luggage, and walked out and there was President and Sister Schmutz.  President walked right up to me and gave me the biggest hug and welcomed me.  Naturally, I just started crying.  We said goodbye to Sister Storey and Kaumatule, and Elder Ika and Nelson and got in the car.  We have a really small batch, the smallest one ever in this mission.  It's only me, Sister Anderson, and two Filipina sisters.  They drove us through the City to the mission home.  The mission home is right on the temple area.  It was a little bit of a drive.  Driving here is insane.  I'm for sure in quite the culture shock.  We got to the temple and it is so gorgeous.  They took us inside and fed us and did some good orientation stuff before giving us our trainers and our area.  I'm serving with Sister Rugg from Tooele.  She's really sweet.  Our area is Kamputhaw.  It's right in Cebu City, and we have the temple in our area.  We live with the Sister Training Leaders about a five minute walk from the temple and the mission home which is nice . (p.s. can I say again how much I adore my mission president?  He's so great) Last night was a blur.  We went and walked around and got on about six jeepneys.  Seriously look up what a jeepney is.  They are just these buses that they cram as many people as they can on them.  nd you just get on and off in the middle of a busy street.  There aren't traffic laws, and you just walk across the road when you can.  Life is sometimes like a giant game of frogger.  We walked around and taught a lesson last night to a less active named Isa.  I have no clue what they were saying.  My companion asked me to talk about enduring to the end.  So I did my best.  And then they asked me to bear my testimony at the end.  They said I did good though.  We went back to the apartment early because President said he wanted me to get some sleep.  My companion warmed up some Filipino spaghetti for us to eat, and we ate some of mom's rolls.  Then I busted out my sheets (which smelled like home.  it was so weird) and I was asleep by 9:00.  Its so hot, you can't even have a sheet on you.  There is a fan  that we have in our room that is seriously a godsend.  I woke up this morning at about six and the thermometer said that it was 87 degrees.  Holy heck it is hot here.  Because we share our apartment with the sister training leaders, they had a meeting last night.  So there were ten sisters staying at our apartment, but they all got back after I was asleep.  So they all came in this morning and played show and tell with me.  It was pretty overhwleming.  But they are all really nice.  We ate some rolls for breakfast and I had my very first cold water bucket shower.  It was quite the experience.  And then I attempted to brush my hair for a half an hour.  So, we're gonna figure that out at some point haha.  We did all of our studying and planning, and then went to this yummy restaurant and I had my first authentic Filipino dish.  It was pretty dang good.  It was chicken adobo with rice and a fried egg and you just mix it all together and eat it with a spoon and fork.  I'm so dang good at eating with a spoon and fork.  AND I had my first mango experience.  I ordered a mango smoothie from the restaurant.  They cut up a mango right then and made it.  It was so dang good.  After this we are going to go teach some lessons and such.  I'm not all the way sure, I'm just kind of going with it.  But, I get to commit someone to baptism tonight.  In Cebuano.  So hopefully I don't mess that up too bad haha.  All the sister training leaders this morning said that my cebuano was actually pretty good.  They said that they were surprised that I could say what I could.  And my trainer said that usually every tries to speak in english in the lessons, but I was all in cebuano last night.  So I'm pretty proud of that.  One crazy thing about the Philippines is that there are geckos EVERYWHERE.  In all the houses on the streets, they are just everywhere.  And they make weird noises.  There are also ants everywhere.  I was studying today and I looked down at this tiny trail of ants working their way across my desk and onto my arm.  You can't even do anything about it.  Oh, and there was a cockroach in my bathroom.  I'll rage on these  creatures.  Cock fighting is huge here in the Philipines, people bet on it and they get a lot of money.  So there are just roosters, huge roosters chained up everywhere.  Seriously, we probably passed three dozen chained up today on a ten minute walk.  They are huge!  And they put razor blades on their talons and then boxing gloves on those when they aren't fighting.  It's a weird thing.  There are also so many stray dogs and cats that just roam around.  My favorite thing so far are the kids.  They are so freaking cute.  Most of the adults here don't talk much to me, because I don't look like I speak Cebuano, and then they'll try to speak to me in English.  But the little kids are the cutest and will speak Cebuano to me.  We had a nine year old little boy walk with us for about ten minutes last night and talk to me in Cebuano.  There are so many naked children running around haha.  We have some pretty poor neighborhoods in our area.  Just kind of squatters in random alleyways.  There are some very humble people here.  During lunch today, part of the roof just fell on us and the table, so that was fun haha.  Um, I think that's about it.  I really miss Sister Anderson.  It's weird to not be with her after being with her for 24/7 for six weeks.  I miss her for sure.  Anyways, I think that's about it for my first little bit here.  It's only been a day!  Ahh!  I'm for sure in some culture shock and just kind of overwhelmed.  I'm just going with it.  I've got some gnarly blisters happening already, but it's good!  I'll see if I can send some pictures tody, if not I'll send them next Wednesday.  I love you all so much.  Pray for me!  haha.

I won't be seeing any beaches for a while because I'm in the city, but MANGOS!  (oh I also ate a banana yesterday.  so.  good.)



Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hi yes hello I am in The Philippines! It was an adventure and a half.  I
have no idea what time it is or what day it is.  We got to sleep last night
at twelve thirty and we were up at four. They changed our flight and didn't
tell us? So we missed our flight this morning.  I went all sorts of crazy
adult problem solver and found a new flight and called our mission
president.  It's crazy here. Driving is nuts. My hair is an Afro.  My
mission president is so wonderful.  The temple is gorgeous.  And I cried
saying goodbye to sister storey. I will get my new companion and area any
minute.  I'll email next Wednesday.  I love you so so much.  Pray for me
haha.  I'm still looking forward to beaches and mangos baby.  Love, Carlee.

     Stay strong.

The Week of Miracles

Our last day with Sister Ormsby.
My sweet score off of the share shelf.  (The share shelf is just where
people put the food they don't want.  Apparently this is only a thing that

sisters do.  But I love it.)
And sending off America in style.  yes.  I am wearing this around the MTC
today.  All day.  (don't worry, I put on gym shorts.)

The Fire Alarm Epidemic 2k14.

My District.  The Girls.  :)
My first picture with a Filipino!  This is Sister Pandolanan.
 Us with Sister K right after she got her scriptures.

Giving Sister K her scriptures.

You know, we're sending the last week at the MTC out with a bang.  It
begins on last Friday night.  We were all so tired, and we're getting ready
for bed around 9:40 ish.  I was changing so I put on this little bathrobe
that I have.  When suddenly, the fire alarm goes off.  I walked out in the
hallway, and I see all these sister missionaries SPRINTING down the
hallways and screaming.  Primarily the poor foreign sisters who didn't know
what was happening.  There are girls running out of the showers, shampoo in
their hair with their towels flailing.  I was so mad haha.  So I walked
back into the residence and started to put on pants.  It was freezing
outside and so so windy.  Just then my companion bursts in and says "Sister
Beyer.  We are going to BURN because you are putting on pants!"  and then
starts sprinting down the hallway.  So I start following her, down the
hall, four flights of stairs, all the while attempting to put on my pants.
 Finally we get outside and there are all the sisters huddled together.
 Twenty minutes later they let us back inside, apparently some sisters had
attempted to pop popcorn and had burned it.  Needless to say, we did not
burn, and the world was a better place because I had pants on.
On Sunday I had to give a talk on Enduring to the End.  The thing about the
MTC is that you write a talk every single Sunday, and then they announce
right then and there who will be coming up.  I talked a lot about "STAY
STRONG" and I shared that cool ABC thing you sent me mom.  Everyone came up
to me afterward and told me how much they loved both of those two things.
 So basically, thank you family for writing my talk for me.  :)
One of the absolute best parts of this week was getting the package with
Sister Kaumatule's scriptures in it.  They were so so perfect.  We wrote in
them, and then we said that we needed to have a district meeting.  So we
opened the meeting up with a prayer.  Then we asked her to sit down and
close her eyes.  I grabbed them and told her that we all really loved her
and have loved getting to know her.  I asked her to open her eyes.  She
started crying over the case.  She thought it was just a case.  Then once
she had opened the case she just lost it.  And then she saw her name on the
front and she couldn't even talk she was cryhing so hard.  She just kept
hugging us and telling us that we were here angels.  The story that came
out afterwards was really cool.  She has been going to the bookstore, and
saving up the money they put on our card and trying so hard to figure out
how she was going to buy english scriptures.  She was still short like 15
or 20 bucks and she prayed to Heavenly Father to find a way to get
scriputres.  That was the day before we gave them to her.  It was so neat.
 And then when we put the clothes on her bed she immediately ran over to my
bed when she found them and said "BEYER.  I know these are from you,
because I know that you are my angel!".  I told her that I had no possible
way of going out of the MTC and buying her clothes.  So it wasn't me.  A
white lie never hurts right?  ;)  She loved them though.  It's been really
fun to spoil her and serve her.  I'll miss my little foriegner when I leave
her next week.
Now, as for that fab package I recieved this week. I loved it so much.
 Stace!  Those socks.  They are beyond flawless.  Stars and stripes
FOREVER.  Thank you for everything.  :)
I started trying to eat like a Filipino this week.  They use their spoon in
their right hand, and the fork in the left.  You eat everything with the
spoon!  And then if it's rice you eat it with your hands.  The teachers
taught us how to do it, so I started trying it.  I got some crazy looks.
 But Sister Storey's family is straight up from Cebu.  She's a little
Phil-Am.  (Filipino American)  (that's a big deal in the Phillippines) and
she told me that I looked more Filipino than her brothers!  I have some mad
skills in the ways of eating like a Filipino.  Be proud.
Lastly, the Week of Miracles.  This week was hard.  I won't go too much
into it, but there were some crazy circumstances that happened this week.
 And it was so hard.  On Monday we got some crazy news, and us sisters in
our little room/district decided that we would declare this week The Week
of Miracles.  We are all so close.  The support we have is so amazing.  We
all fasted on Wednesday for 28 hours!  That is so insane!  The elders
fasted for us on Tuesday.  Yesterday I shared a really special experience
with Leah, that was a part of the Week of Miracles.  Needless to say, that
woman needed to be a part of my life in the MTC.  She always says "It seems
like a God thing to me" and I love it.  Everything happens for a reason.
 It seems like quite a God thing that Leah was here when she was.  We've
bonded so much.  She's so incredible.  I  think she has helped me so much
more than I've helped her.  It'll be really hard to say goodbye to her
tomorrow.  Today was the last big day of the Week of Miracles.  And our
miracle, my miracle came today.  I think the biggest thing that I've
learned the last six weeks is that no matter what, everything is going to
be okay.  I won't lie, the last six weeks have been so hard.  Some days, it
just seemed straight up impossible.  But there are little miracles every
single day.  There are tender mercies every single day.  And on the days
where I was certain I couldn't do it, as I laid in bed that night, I would
just smile because no matter what happened, I survived.  I've learned a lot
about myself.  I've learned that I can do hard things.  Even impossible
seeming things.  I've learned a lot about miracles.  About trials of faith,
and how God is always aware of us.  And it isn't until after the trial of
our faith that the miracles come.  The biggest thing that I've learned is
about the phrase "God won't give you more than you can handle"  that is
true.  That is so so true.  But the part that we don't think about is that
he will take us right up to our breaking point.  Right to the point where
we are about to give in because we are certain that we just can't do it.
 And then, in that moment when we are about to give up, that's when he
comes in and saves us and the miracles come.  I can't believe I'm out of
here and headed to the Philippines Monday morning.  It's unreal.  But I'm
ready for a change, and I'm ready to see the outdoors, get a freaking tan
(I'm beyond pale) see some animals and some kids.  I haven't seen any of
those things for six months!  I'm ready to fall in love with the people.
 I'm ready for some beaches and mangos I tell you what! This is crazy, I
can't believe this is my last few days in America.  I'll send some rockin
photos of how I'm sending out my time in America.
Be sure to still send me dear elders, just put my new Philippines address
on them.  Just because I'm on the other side of the world doesn't mean that
you get to forget about me!  I love you all so much.  This is crazy I tell
you what!  I'm excited to hear from you all and keep updated.  Please pray
for me and my death flight to the Philippines.  I have to do that crazy two
days of travel in a skirt and no music or movies.  Please, send me all the
help and prayers.  ;)  Anyways, I love you all.  Next time you hear from me
I'll be on the other side of the world!  Godspeed.  I'll see ya'll soon.

Sister Beyer.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Sister Kaumatule got to go to Salt Lake today to do a session at the
temple, so we all somehow missed lunch.  We decided to raid the vending
machines and our treats and eat a picnic on top of my closet.  It was a
lovely lunch of granola bars, chips, taquitos, pizza rolls, and gummy
candy.  The first picture is me testing out how to take the picture.  I had
to put self timer on my camera on top of one closet, and then jump off the
closet/bed and jump onto the closet where they were all at in a matter of
mere seconds.  Hence the test picture, and the fab picture.  Love you love
you love you.
This is what a very tired Sister Beyer looks like after a very long and
hard Daylight Savings Sunday.
 My Bucket of Sunshine from Carolee.  I loved it!

Mere moments after receiving my flight plans.  The end is in sight!  Also
tell Yukiko and Saori to hang out with me in the airport in Tokyo!

So as I was flipping around in one of my MTC books I found this.  Can
anyone confirm or deny that this is Chad Scott?

alright, so this computer i'm at is ghetto fab and the shift key doesn't
work.  therefore, this whole email will have to be in lower case letters.
 Oh wait, I just moved computers all is well.  Alright people, first things
first.  I have in my hand RIGHT NOW my travel plans.  The end is in sight!
 I leave here on the morning of Monday the 24th.  I have to be at the
travel office at 6 am and then we'll go to the salt lake airport.  I'll be
able to call when I get there.  I leave salt lake at 11:06 and arrive in
Seattle at 12:12 then we leave seattle at 2:05 and fly to TOKYO (I'm so
stoked that I get to go to japan for a minute!) and will arrive there at
4:55 pm the next day.  Then we fly from Tokyo at 6:45 to Manilla and will
arrive there at 10:55 at night.  So then we sleep in the Manila airport.
 yes friends.  SLEEP IN THE MANILA AIRPORT (pray for me) and then the next
morning we leave manila at 9:00 am and then fly to Cebu and arrive at
10:15.  It's going to be a looong couple of days.  But hey, beaches and
mangos, right?  Ten days until I get out of the MTC.  This is the very last
day of double digits.  And I tell you what, it won't come soon enough.  I'm
for sure ready to get out of here.  I'm going stir crazy.
So some funny stories for the week go as follows, Sister Kaumatule was
talking to us about how lucky we are to be born in America.  (obviously,
because America is where it's at).  She kept talking about how it was the
promised land, and we were all just like "yeah, okay, true" and then she
goes on to say how cool it is that Jesus was born in America, and was he
born in Utah.  So uh, we had a little bit of a geography lesson, and went
to the big map and pointed out Jerusalem, Tonga, and America/Utah.  We all
laughed pretty hard about it.  She also got to see snow for the first time.
 She just ran outside and was playing in it yelling "is this real life?
 what is this stuff!"  It lasted for about five minutes before she started
shivering and couldn't stop for like an hour.  It was pretty funny.
All the Elders in my zone are having a very heated debate, it comes and
goes through out the days.  They looked at my picture book from home and
saw that for the last couple of years, I've had primarily blonde hair.
 Really blonde.  So now, the ten of them are all involved in this argument
in whether my hair should be blonde or brown, which looks better, and how
they want it to be for our mission reunion.  It's a serious matter.  Too
bad that none of their opinions actually matter in regards to my hair haha.
 It's going to be blonde blonde blonde pretty much the day I step off the
plane haha.  Make me an appointment.  We can all catch up while I get my
hurr did.  Also, the Elders are obsessed with knowing our first names.  So
one of the Elders looked at me and asked me what my first name.  I looked
him straight faced, dead in the eye, and told him it was Guadalupe.  I told
him I didn't look it, but my mom was from Mexico.  I wish I could have
taken a picture of his face.  He tried to be so nice.  he was just like
"ohh, I didn't expect that.  Guadalupe Beyer, what a nice name."  Then my
companion cracked and we were laughing so dang hard.  I told him it was
Carlee and he just goes "oh good.  I like that so much more".  These elders
are so gullible.
Everyone has been asking about Leah.  She's doing really great.  We meet
with her twice a week.  She's making some progress and her and I are great
friends.  She had a really bad set off the other night, and she came and
found us because she knew that we would be able to calm her down.  We even
got her to pray with us this week.  She'll usually eat dinner with us four
or five times a week.  I'm nervous for when we leave, so we're starting to
really push the fact that we leave soon.  But she really wants to keep in
touch.  And she's excited for when I come home, because I live so close to
here.  She's so much stronger than she even realizes.
ALSO I SAW THE MOST AMAZING THING.  There was a dog.  A dog at the MTC.
 And I almost cried because I have not seen a dog in over a month.  It was
some ratty chiuaua (literally how do you spell that?  My mind is broken
because of Cebuano and English) and I just ran over and started petting it.
 The MTC is so weird because you don't see animals, or children, or normal
people.  I'm really stoked to get into civilization again.  Speaking of
random things I miss.  I had a mini breakdown the other day because I was
cold and I just wanted a hot bath.  And there is no way I'm getting in the
sick bathtubs here. They are a breeding ground for germs.  And then I
realized that I didn't get to take a hot shower, or a hot bath for 17
months and I was  very very sad.  The struggles of a missionary are very
real haha.
I'm rubbing off on my companions a lot, and it might not be in the best of
ways haha.  They used to speak very differently.  However there have been
some wonderful things that they have picked up on from me.  For example
"send help. nailed it.  same.  selfiiiish.  blessed.  I get that.  and
ratchet."  Even Sister Kaumatule is saying it, which is the funniest thing
ever.  They all blame me.  Truthfully, I'm probably just blessing their
life and their vocabulary.  They should feel very blessed and lucky to get
to associate with my vocab.
We have a song that we jam every single day.  It's on and it's one
of the EFY songs.  It's called Good Friend by Nik Day.  Seriously, if you
want a good laugh look it up.  This is what my life has come too.  This is
my new jam song.
So for the Tuesday Devotional Sister Anderson lucked out and we didn't have
a member of the twelve come.  A member of the seventy came.  I sat on the
stand with her and she gave a very good closing prayer.  On the way back to
class a random elder came up to her and stopped her.  What came after was
the most awkward MTC missionary flirting I have ever witnessed.  He told
her "that was a really good prayer" I almost died right then and there.  He
then continued to talk to her and tell her how he would like to be
"friends" and then he asked for her "myldsmail email" so that they could
"keep in touch" and maybe even "hang out" when they get home.  And because
I am a good companion, I just had to stand there and listen to it and
pretend that I wasn't there?  Some of our elders walked past and I stood in
front of the door so they couldn't go inside.  I told them that they were
not to leave me alone like this with what was happening.  I was truly
dying.  It was beyond ridiculous.  He also stopped by our table today to
wish us a good morning and to enjoy our p-day.
Wednesday was my month mark.  One month people.  I feel so incredibly proud
of that.  It was the hardest month of my entire life.  And there were days
I was certain I wasn't going to make it.  The only thing that kept me here,
is that I know that this is true.  There is no way I could have done the
last month without knowing that this was the way to happiness.  And to
celebrate my month mark, we ran errands.  Exciting I know.  We went to get
some pictures laminated on one of our breaks.  And as the kid was cutting
the lamination on the paper cutter, he cut his finger, fingernail included
in half.  It was so gross.  Like, I'm certain he needed stitches.  His
fingernail and finger was just in half.  And I was for some reason the ONLY
ONE who was concerned.  And I only passed out.  So I obviously had a very
exciting month mark.
And lastly.  Sister Pondolanan.  So yesterday our teacher brother Johnson
told us to find a sister missionary from the Philippines.  Her family was
 one that he taught in his very first area and she speaks Cebuano and is
headed to Temple Square for her mission.  He told us to try to find her.
 However, there are so many missionaries here.  So last night we're sitting
at dinner when we turn around and she is sitting right behind us!  She's so
cute.  I talked to her for a long time.  She let me practice my Cebuano
with her.  She told me that my Cebuano is really good (she's being overly
nice haha.  All I said was "how are you") but she told me that all the
Filipinos will love me so much for trying to speak the language.  We talked
about all the things that I have to do and try and just kept practicing the
language.  It was a tender mercy for sure.  Sometimes I feel like I'm never
going to actually get out of the MTC.  I'm never actually going to learn
the language or get to the Philippines.  So it was great to gain some
perspective.  I'll probably hang out with her some more in the next week
point five.  She's so freaking cute.
Well, I'm out of time.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for all of the
love and support.  Keep the prayers coming.  :)
Beaches and Mangos!
Sister Beyer

Friday, March 7, 2014


 Countdown chain to beaches and mangos!
 Contraband Dr Pepper
My fab package from Smash.  I'm doing the Maddy girl talk hands, hopefully she gets that.  I love my book she sent too.  She gets me so well.  
 I ran into Sister Allred!
 Sometimes we get bored and draw chin people.
My battle wounds.  

Guys.  I took a nap last p-day and it was amazing.  Secondly, for everyone who asks how the language is coming, let me show you the most ridiculous word known to man kind.  Pagapanghimarauton.  That is in 3 Nephi 11:34.  It means "damned".  Seriously, this language is so funny.  Last Friday night our teacher came into our class and just had us write down a question that we really wanted an answer to in our lives.  Then we just read the book of mormon to find our answers.  We ended up in Ether 12.  We read it out loud in Cebuano and then followed along in English.  The spirit was so thick in the room, it was one of my favorite moments thus far.  As I read it, I just kept thinking that it made sense for Leah.  So later that night as Sister Storey and I were brushing our teeth, I told her that Ether 12 seemed like a good thing to teach Leah for the next day.  Then she just stopped and said "is there a verse 37?"  We went back to our dorm and turns out there is.  And it is so perfect and written exactly for Leah.  We went in the next day and told her the story of how she came to the scripture and that we weren't entirely sure why we were sharing it, but that we felt strongly about it.  She doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon at all, but as we read it she got teary eyed, and marked it in her Book of Mormon.  That was huge.  She didn't talk much, but she didn't have to.  And then on Monday I saw her in the cafeteria and she said that she needed to talk to me.  So I grabbed my nutritious dinner of cocoa pebbles and peanut butter and honey on toast and went and sat by her.  All she said to me was "I hate you".  And that was all I needed to know.  She felt the spirit and the scripture spoke to her.  She was mad that she was feeling something from Mormons.  But she said that she would see me next lesson.  So I guess she doesn't actually hate me that much.  I've never been more proud to be hated.  
I always laugh at the girls I room with, they are such girls.  I am always the first one in bed, the very last one to wake up (don't worry, it's at 6:30 on the dot every day #obedience) and I am always without fail the first one ready.  I don't know what they do that takes so long, but I always end up waiting ten or fifteen minutes.  So, because of that, I also have the cleanest desk and bed haha.  Silly sister missionaries.  
I have officially made it through the first month!  I survived February and I'm now in March. And Wednesday is my one month mark!  It's unreal.  It seems like the longest month of my entire life, but it also feels like just yesterday.  Feel free to send me love and treats to celebrate my success of one full month in the MTC on Wednesday.  ;)
Also I learned a very very important word in Cebuano.  Parehas.  It means same.  You'll either get that or you won't haha.  
Its crazy that one week from today I'll have in my hands my physical flight plans!  I leave so soon.  Not soon enough though.  I'm sick of being cold and indoors.  I need me some beaches and mangos.  Two weeks from Monday. I made a sweet countdown chain that I hang in my dorm.  We have a formal ceremony every night to take the link off.  I'll see if I can video that and send it, it's pretty funny.  Today is 18 days. Send your letters now friends while you can!  
OH!  When we taught Leah, she made us the first ever "Mormon Praise Team" we sang some fab gospel song and she gave each of us percussion instruments.  It was wonderful.  She videod it, but she can't send it to you guys until after I leave the MTC.  Be ready, it's great.  
I am totally developing carpal tunnel, I take so many notes throughout the day and I write in my jornal so often.  In two weeks I opened up a brand new pen and I used every drop of ink.  I have never done that.  I think in high school Iused the same pen for like two years.  
On Sunday we sang Army of Helaman and Sisters in Zion for our devotional.  Now that was cool.  Everyone just cried.  It's pretty powerful to have 2,000 missionaries singing that at once.  I love that I get to go to devotionals twice a week.  Sister Anderson was invited to offer the opening prayer at our tuesday devotional and I get to sit on the stand with her.  Rumor has it that it's a general authority coming, as in, one of the twelve.  She is FREAKING OUT.  I'm just laughing, I really hope a G.A. comes.  And then Sunday night we watched The Testaments with about 250 other missionaries.  Oh my heavens it was hillarious.  There was some awkward biblical flirting, and all these missionaries could not even handle it.  Never before have I laughed so hard during a church movie.  It was so great.  
Alright so if any of you know me, you know me and blood don't get along well.  So Ihad to go to the clinic to get my blood levels checked for my thyroid.  The doctor walks in and I just start to cry, so he hands me some tissues and promptly sends in a nice motherly nurse.  She hands me a sucker and draws my blood and I don't even pass out.  Then as I'm calming down she compliments my heart necklace and asks where I get it.  Then I start to sob and tell her my mom sent it to me.  Poor thing didn't even know what to do haha.  So I go back to check my results a few hours later and they didn't check my Vitamin D.  Which is important seeing as I have a Vitamin D deficiancy.  So they have to draw blood AGAIN.  A new nurse is talking to me and I'm trying to not pass out when suddenly something hits my stomach and she says oh shoot and starts putting ridiculous pressure on my arm.  I look up as there is a bloody needle on my stomach, blood running down my arm and blood spurts all on my shirt and on the bed.  I have no idea what happened other than the fact that I'm looking like I'm being murdered.  I have no idea how I didn't pass out right then and there.  She apologized and she felt so bad.  AND THEN she just starts undressing me and pouring hydrogen peroxide on me to clean it up?  She just started undressing me.  That was a rough day, nobody even gets it.  
Mom!  You are the favorite mom ever.  So when you sent me my contraband package of Caputos and Dr Pepper we didn't check the mail until after dinner.  So we didn't know what to do because we wanted to eat the sandwiches but we were too full and we had absolutely no way to refriderate them.  So as I was discussing this with the elders, and they said that they know some elders who have a contraband fridge in their room.  So we made an arrangement and put our sandwiches in the fridge.  It made for a solid lunch the next day.  And the Dr Pepper is being savored.  I will not share that with my companions.  It's only mildly frowned upon at the MTC to have it, idk I'm not even upset about it.  
Okay, lastly, there is a word in Cebuano called Bisdak.  It means like, fluent, a native Cebuano speaker.  Well, I'm basically bisdak as of this week.  (okay not really just listen) I woke up the other morning and Sister Anderson started calling me bisdak.  Icouldn't figure out why.  And then she tells me that in my sleep I was talking a lot.  She woke up in time to hear me say "tinuod" which means true in Cebuano.  So basically since I'm talking in my sleep in Cebuano I'm basically nailing it over here.  
Lastly, please pray deeply for me because Daylight Savings is this weekend.  So that means one less hour of sleep for me.  AND we have 7:30 am sacrament meeting.  Which turns into 6:30 am sacrament.  Seriously.  Pray for me.  Alright, I gotsta go.  But I love you so much.
Love, Sister Beyer

Beaches and Mangos

My wonderful district.  We decided to liven things up and play "The Laughing Game" you have to lay on each others stomach and then say "HA" without laughing and the first one to laugh loses.  Easily one of the best moments of the week.  
Also apparently Sister Anderson and I have the exact same shirt?  #awkward
Attempting to study and dyinggggg.

This has been quite the week.  It started out with a 24 hour fast with me and my companion.  We were able to feel the spirit so strong, and crazy enough, I wasn't even kind of hungry.  That's truly saying something because if I fast for above four hours at home, I feel beyond famished.  Saturday was my 1/2 birthday and I had fun all day being a brat and making my district/zone be nice to me because it was my 1/2 birthday.  I bribed them with treats in return for their love.  It's crazy because if I was going stateside, I would be in the field for almost a week at this point.  I never thought that I would want to go stateside, but man how nice it would be to be out of the MTC haha.  On the 24th we all realized that it was only one month until we left.  And actually, this p-day is my half way mark as far as p-days go.  This is my third p-day so I only have three left.  (praise the heavens).
On Sunday at our devotional they announced that our opening hymn was going to be Come Thou Fount and I kid you not, there were hundreds of missionaries clapping and cheering, in a devotional, over a hymn.  Freaking mormons.  
On Monday half of our zone left for the mission field, so we are now the oldest kids in the zone.  On Wednesday we got ten new elders (send help) and so now our zone consists of twelve elders and us four sisters.  Usually there are always more sisters than elders, so this is really interesting.  
On tuesday we did our service and we were lucky enough to get to scrub toilets and floors in five different bathrooms here.  The elders bathrooms were SO gross.  Seriously though these children.  We got to do that for an hour and a half.  Blessings are coming our way for sure!  But then I was lucky enough to recieve a package with popcorn from Disneyland in it!  Our little district basically inhaled it that night.  I finally had to take it and put the lid on it and hide it in my bag.  I'm all about sharing, but sometimes you gotta save a little bit of Disneyland popcorn for yourself!  That stuff is special!  be sure to thank Trish for me.  :)
At our Tuesday night devotional they had the senior missionaries stand up to see who had served the most mission.  There was this one elderly man who was on his 11th mission.  That's at least 22 years of service.  That man is going straight to heaven for sure.  They also told us that there are currently 84,663 full time missionaries.  
Also, in a week and a half I have completely filled up and used one whole notebook and a good section of another.  My note taking skills are superb!  And my right hand is getting some gnarly callouses.  
Make sure to tell people to send me dear elders rather  than emails.  I can get them at any time and I'll be able to reply to them easier.  
I absolutely loved my package I got this week.  :) It didn't have my dogs in it or a pony, but it had mormon peanut butter bars that were straight from the heavens.  So so perfect.  Thank you so much for that.
The best thing that happened this week is that we were able to meet with an ENGLISH investigator named Leah.  She has a raelly interesting story.  She is an evangelical christian and she actually has a terrible phobia and ptsd about mormons because of some trauma that happened six years ago.  She has really bad anxiety and ptsd but she is here to try to gain healing.  We just talk about God.  Anyways we meet with her about three times a week.  Usually foreign missionaries are only supposed to meet with investigators in our language, but we were lucky enough to add her on.  It's stressful because we have to do it on our own time, so we have to make every second count.  Our first lesson with her was on Wednesday.  I talked to the sisters and said that I'd like to just make her trust us and kind of have a fun lesson.  We went in and found out her mom was in the ICU and she was really upset.  She has a really hard time trusting any mormon, but we were able to get her to laugh and we had what I felt was a good lesson.  We didn't talk too much about God, but it felt good.  As we were walking out one of the MTC employees sat us down and basically repremanded all of us for not teaching her better.  I felt really crappy because it was my idea.  I apologized to the Sisters and we promised to do better the next day.  So then the next day we went in with a really awesome lesson plan and I kind of sat back and was a little quiet.  Then Leah looks at me and tells me that her mom is doing really well.  And then she thanked me for helping her to laugh yesterday.  She told me that she really trusts me and that needed the lesson how it was yesterday.  We had a really spiritual scripture sharing moment.  Leah and I connect on some interesting levels.  If she asks a question about the Gospel, she always looks right at me, not at the other three sisters.  For the first time at  the MTC I felt like I was here for a reason.  It was fabulous.  We are meeting with her again on Saturday.  It's  so nice to teach in English, because then I can actually say what I want to say.  
Speaking of, please pray for me with the Cebuano.  I'm pretty behind the rest of my district/zone.  It's hard. I need some gifts of the tongues.  
And lastly, beaches and mangos.  I'm truly just praying to live through the next four weeks and hit up those beaches and eat some dang mangos.  I love you all so much.  Keep the dearelders coming.  They make my day so much better.