Friday, March 7, 2014

Beaches and Mangos

My wonderful district.  We decided to liven things up and play "The Laughing Game" you have to lay on each others stomach and then say "HA" without laughing and the first one to laugh loses.  Easily one of the best moments of the week.  
Also apparently Sister Anderson and I have the exact same shirt?  #awkward
Attempting to study and dyinggggg.

This has been quite the week.  It started out with a 24 hour fast with me and my companion.  We were able to feel the spirit so strong, and crazy enough, I wasn't even kind of hungry.  That's truly saying something because if I fast for above four hours at home, I feel beyond famished.  Saturday was my 1/2 birthday and I had fun all day being a brat and making my district/zone be nice to me because it was my 1/2 birthday.  I bribed them with treats in return for their love.  It's crazy because if I was going stateside, I would be in the field for almost a week at this point.  I never thought that I would want to go stateside, but man how nice it would be to be out of the MTC haha.  On the 24th we all realized that it was only one month until we left.  And actually, this p-day is my half way mark as far as p-days go.  This is my third p-day so I only have three left.  (praise the heavens).
On Sunday at our devotional they announced that our opening hymn was going to be Come Thou Fount and I kid you not, there were hundreds of missionaries clapping and cheering, in a devotional, over a hymn.  Freaking mormons.  
On Monday half of our zone left for the mission field, so we are now the oldest kids in the zone.  On Wednesday we got ten new elders (send help) and so now our zone consists of twelve elders and us four sisters.  Usually there are always more sisters than elders, so this is really interesting.  
On tuesday we did our service and we were lucky enough to get to scrub toilets and floors in five different bathrooms here.  The elders bathrooms were SO gross.  Seriously though these children.  We got to do that for an hour and a half.  Blessings are coming our way for sure!  But then I was lucky enough to recieve a package with popcorn from Disneyland in it!  Our little district basically inhaled it that night.  I finally had to take it and put the lid on it and hide it in my bag.  I'm all about sharing, but sometimes you gotta save a little bit of Disneyland popcorn for yourself!  That stuff is special!  be sure to thank Trish for me.  :)
At our Tuesday night devotional they had the senior missionaries stand up to see who had served the most mission.  There was this one elderly man who was on his 11th mission.  That's at least 22 years of service.  That man is going straight to heaven for sure.  They also told us that there are currently 84,663 full time missionaries.  
Also, in a week and a half I have completely filled up and used one whole notebook and a good section of another.  My note taking skills are superb!  And my right hand is getting some gnarly callouses.  
Make sure to tell people to send me dear elders rather  than emails.  I can get them at any time and I'll be able to reply to them easier.  
I absolutely loved my package I got this week.  :) It didn't have my dogs in it or a pony, but it had mormon peanut butter bars that were straight from the heavens.  So so perfect.  Thank you so much for that.
The best thing that happened this week is that we were able to meet with an ENGLISH investigator named Leah.  She has a raelly interesting story.  She is an evangelical christian and she actually has a terrible phobia and ptsd about mormons because of some trauma that happened six years ago.  She has really bad anxiety and ptsd but she is here to try to gain healing.  We just talk about God.  Anyways we meet with her about three times a week.  Usually foreign missionaries are only supposed to meet with investigators in our language, but we were lucky enough to add her on.  It's stressful because we have to do it on our own time, so we have to make every second count.  Our first lesson with her was on Wednesday.  I talked to the sisters and said that I'd like to just make her trust us and kind of have a fun lesson.  We went in and found out her mom was in the ICU and she was really upset.  She has a really hard time trusting any mormon, but we were able to get her to laugh and we had what I felt was a good lesson.  We didn't talk too much about God, but it felt good.  As we were walking out one of the MTC employees sat us down and basically repremanded all of us for not teaching her better.  I felt really crappy because it was my idea.  I apologized to the Sisters and we promised to do better the next day.  So then the next day we went in with a really awesome lesson plan and I kind of sat back and was a little quiet.  Then Leah looks at me and tells me that her mom is doing really well.  And then she thanked me for helping her to laugh yesterday.  She told me that she really trusts me and that needed the lesson how it was yesterday.  We had a really spiritual scripture sharing moment.  Leah and I connect on some interesting levels.  If she asks a question about the Gospel, she always looks right at me, not at the other three sisters.  For the first time at  the MTC I felt like I was here for a reason.  It was fabulous.  We are meeting with her again on Saturday.  It's  so nice to teach in English, because then I can actually say what I want to say.  
Speaking of, please pray for me with the Cebuano.  I'm pretty behind the rest of my district/zone.  It's hard. I need some gifts of the tongues.  
And lastly, beaches and mangos.  I'm truly just praying to live through the next four weeks and hit up those beaches and eat some dang mangos.  I love you all so much.  Keep the dearelders coming.  They make my day so much better.  

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