Friday, March 7, 2014


 Countdown chain to beaches and mangos!
 Contraband Dr Pepper
My fab package from Smash.  I'm doing the Maddy girl talk hands, hopefully she gets that.  I love my book she sent too.  She gets me so well.  
 I ran into Sister Allred!
 Sometimes we get bored and draw chin people.
My battle wounds.  

Guys.  I took a nap last p-day and it was amazing.  Secondly, for everyone who asks how the language is coming, let me show you the most ridiculous word known to man kind.  Pagapanghimarauton.  That is in 3 Nephi 11:34.  It means "damned".  Seriously, this language is so funny.  Last Friday night our teacher came into our class and just had us write down a question that we really wanted an answer to in our lives.  Then we just read the book of mormon to find our answers.  We ended up in Ether 12.  We read it out loud in Cebuano and then followed along in English.  The spirit was so thick in the room, it was one of my favorite moments thus far.  As I read it, I just kept thinking that it made sense for Leah.  So later that night as Sister Storey and I were brushing our teeth, I told her that Ether 12 seemed like a good thing to teach Leah for the next day.  Then she just stopped and said "is there a verse 37?"  We went back to our dorm and turns out there is.  And it is so perfect and written exactly for Leah.  We went in the next day and told her the story of how she came to the scripture and that we weren't entirely sure why we were sharing it, but that we felt strongly about it.  She doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon at all, but as we read it she got teary eyed, and marked it in her Book of Mormon.  That was huge.  She didn't talk much, but she didn't have to.  And then on Monday I saw her in the cafeteria and she said that she needed to talk to me.  So I grabbed my nutritious dinner of cocoa pebbles and peanut butter and honey on toast and went and sat by her.  All she said to me was "I hate you".  And that was all I needed to know.  She felt the spirit and the scripture spoke to her.  She was mad that she was feeling something from Mormons.  But she said that she would see me next lesson.  So I guess she doesn't actually hate me that much.  I've never been more proud to be hated.  
I always laugh at the girls I room with, they are such girls.  I am always the first one in bed, the very last one to wake up (don't worry, it's at 6:30 on the dot every day #obedience) and I am always without fail the first one ready.  I don't know what they do that takes so long, but I always end up waiting ten or fifteen minutes.  So, because of that, I also have the cleanest desk and bed haha.  Silly sister missionaries.  
I have officially made it through the first month!  I survived February and I'm now in March. And Wednesday is my one month mark!  It's unreal.  It seems like the longest month of my entire life, but it also feels like just yesterday.  Feel free to send me love and treats to celebrate my success of one full month in the MTC on Wednesday.  ;)
Also I learned a very very important word in Cebuano.  Parehas.  It means same.  You'll either get that or you won't haha.  
Its crazy that one week from today I'll have in my hands my physical flight plans!  I leave so soon.  Not soon enough though.  I'm sick of being cold and indoors.  I need me some beaches and mangos.  Two weeks from Monday. I made a sweet countdown chain that I hang in my dorm.  We have a formal ceremony every night to take the link off.  I'll see if I can video that and send it, it's pretty funny.  Today is 18 days. Send your letters now friends while you can!  
OH!  When we taught Leah, she made us the first ever "Mormon Praise Team" we sang some fab gospel song and she gave each of us percussion instruments.  It was wonderful.  She videod it, but she can't send it to you guys until after I leave the MTC.  Be ready, it's great.  
I am totally developing carpal tunnel, I take so many notes throughout the day and I write in my jornal so often.  In two weeks I opened up a brand new pen and I used every drop of ink.  I have never done that.  I think in high school Iused the same pen for like two years.  
On Sunday we sang Army of Helaman and Sisters in Zion for our devotional.  Now that was cool.  Everyone just cried.  It's pretty powerful to have 2,000 missionaries singing that at once.  I love that I get to go to devotionals twice a week.  Sister Anderson was invited to offer the opening prayer at our tuesday devotional and I get to sit on the stand with her.  Rumor has it that it's a general authority coming, as in, one of the twelve.  She is FREAKING OUT.  I'm just laughing, I really hope a G.A. comes.  And then Sunday night we watched The Testaments with about 250 other missionaries.  Oh my heavens it was hillarious.  There was some awkward biblical flirting, and all these missionaries could not even handle it.  Never before have I laughed so hard during a church movie.  It was so great.  
Alright so if any of you know me, you know me and blood don't get along well.  So Ihad to go to the clinic to get my blood levels checked for my thyroid.  The doctor walks in and I just start to cry, so he hands me some tissues and promptly sends in a nice motherly nurse.  She hands me a sucker and draws my blood and I don't even pass out.  Then as I'm calming down she compliments my heart necklace and asks where I get it.  Then I start to sob and tell her my mom sent it to me.  Poor thing didn't even know what to do haha.  So I go back to check my results a few hours later and they didn't check my Vitamin D.  Which is important seeing as I have a Vitamin D deficiancy.  So they have to draw blood AGAIN.  A new nurse is talking to me and I'm trying to not pass out when suddenly something hits my stomach and she says oh shoot and starts putting ridiculous pressure on my arm.  I look up as there is a bloody needle on my stomach, blood running down my arm and blood spurts all on my shirt and on the bed.  I have no idea what happened other than the fact that I'm looking like I'm being murdered.  I have no idea how I didn't pass out right then and there.  She apologized and she felt so bad.  AND THEN she just starts undressing me and pouring hydrogen peroxide on me to clean it up?  She just started undressing me.  That was a rough day, nobody even gets it.  
Mom!  You are the favorite mom ever.  So when you sent me my contraband package of Caputos and Dr Pepper we didn't check the mail until after dinner.  So we didn't know what to do because we wanted to eat the sandwiches but we were too full and we had absolutely no way to refriderate them.  So as I was discussing this with the elders, and they said that they know some elders who have a contraband fridge in their room.  So we made an arrangement and put our sandwiches in the fridge.  It made for a solid lunch the next day.  And the Dr Pepper is being savored.  I will not share that with my companions.  It's only mildly frowned upon at the MTC to have it, idk I'm not even upset about it.  
Okay, lastly, there is a word in Cebuano called Bisdak.  It means like, fluent, a native Cebuano speaker.  Well, I'm basically bisdak as of this week.  (okay not really just listen) I woke up the other morning and Sister Anderson started calling me bisdak.  Icouldn't figure out why.  And then she tells me that in my sleep I was talking a lot.  She woke up in time to hear me say "tinuod" which means true in Cebuano.  So basically since I'm talking in my sleep in Cebuano I'm basically nailing it over here.  
Lastly, please pray deeply for me because Daylight Savings is this weekend.  So that means one less hour of sleep for me.  AND we have 7:30 am sacrament meeting.  Which turns into 6:30 am sacrament.  Seriously.  Pray for me.  Alright, I gotsta go.  But I love you so much.
Love, Sister Beyer

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