Sunday, March 16, 2014


Sister Kaumatule got to go to Salt Lake today to do a session at the
temple, so we all somehow missed lunch.  We decided to raid the vending
machines and our treats and eat a picnic on top of my closet.  It was a
lovely lunch of granola bars, chips, taquitos, pizza rolls, and gummy
candy.  The first picture is me testing out how to take the picture.  I had
to put self timer on my camera on top of one closet, and then jump off the
closet/bed and jump onto the closet where they were all at in a matter of
mere seconds.  Hence the test picture, and the fab picture.  Love you love
you love you.
This is what a very tired Sister Beyer looks like after a very long and
hard Daylight Savings Sunday.
 My Bucket of Sunshine from Carolee.  I loved it!

Mere moments after receiving my flight plans.  The end is in sight!  Also
tell Yukiko and Saori to hang out with me in the airport in Tokyo!

So as I was flipping around in one of my MTC books I found this.  Can
anyone confirm or deny that this is Chad Scott?

alright, so this computer i'm at is ghetto fab and the shift key doesn't
work.  therefore, this whole email will have to be in lower case letters.
 Oh wait, I just moved computers all is well.  Alright people, first things
first.  I have in my hand RIGHT NOW my travel plans.  The end is in sight!
 I leave here on the morning of Monday the 24th.  I have to be at the
travel office at 6 am and then we'll go to the salt lake airport.  I'll be
able to call when I get there.  I leave salt lake at 11:06 and arrive in
Seattle at 12:12 then we leave seattle at 2:05 and fly to TOKYO (I'm so
stoked that I get to go to japan for a minute!) and will arrive there at
4:55 pm the next day.  Then we fly from Tokyo at 6:45 to Manilla and will
arrive there at 10:55 at night.  So then we sleep in the Manila airport.
 yes friends.  SLEEP IN THE MANILA AIRPORT (pray for me) and then the next
morning we leave manila at 9:00 am and then fly to Cebu and arrive at
10:15.  It's going to be a looong couple of days.  But hey, beaches and
mangos, right?  Ten days until I get out of the MTC.  This is the very last
day of double digits.  And I tell you what, it won't come soon enough.  I'm
for sure ready to get out of here.  I'm going stir crazy.
So some funny stories for the week go as follows, Sister Kaumatule was
talking to us about how lucky we are to be born in America.  (obviously,
because America is where it's at).  She kept talking about how it was the
promised land, and we were all just like "yeah, okay, true" and then she
goes on to say how cool it is that Jesus was born in America, and was he
born in Utah.  So uh, we had a little bit of a geography lesson, and went
to the big map and pointed out Jerusalem, Tonga, and America/Utah.  We all
laughed pretty hard about it.  She also got to see snow for the first time.
 She just ran outside and was playing in it yelling "is this real life?
 what is this stuff!"  It lasted for about five minutes before she started
shivering and couldn't stop for like an hour.  It was pretty funny.
All the Elders in my zone are having a very heated debate, it comes and
goes through out the days.  They looked at my picture book from home and
saw that for the last couple of years, I've had primarily blonde hair.
 Really blonde.  So now, the ten of them are all involved in this argument
in whether my hair should be blonde or brown, which looks better, and how
they want it to be for our mission reunion.  It's a serious matter.  Too
bad that none of their opinions actually matter in regards to my hair haha.
 It's going to be blonde blonde blonde pretty much the day I step off the
plane haha.  Make me an appointment.  We can all catch up while I get my
hurr did.  Also, the Elders are obsessed with knowing our first names.  So
one of the Elders looked at me and asked me what my first name.  I looked
him straight faced, dead in the eye, and told him it was Guadalupe.  I told
him I didn't look it, but my mom was from Mexico.  I wish I could have
taken a picture of his face.  He tried to be so nice.  he was just like
"ohh, I didn't expect that.  Guadalupe Beyer, what a nice name."  Then my
companion cracked and we were laughing so dang hard.  I told him it was
Carlee and he just goes "oh good.  I like that so much more".  These elders
are so gullible.
Everyone has been asking about Leah.  She's doing really great.  We meet
with her twice a week.  She's making some progress and her and I are great
friends.  She had a really bad set off the other night, and she came and
found us because she knew that we would be able to calm her down.  We even
got her to pray with us this week.  She'll usually eat dinner with us four
or five times a week.  I'm nervous for when we leave, so we're starting to
really push the fact that we leave soon.  But she really wants to keep in
touch.  And she's excited for when I come home, because I live so close to
here.  She's so much stronger than she even realizes.
ALSO I SAW THE MOST AMAZING THING.  There was a dog.  A dog at the MTC.
 And I almost cried because I have not seen a dog in over a month.  It was
some ratty chiuaua (literally how do you spell that?  My mind is broken
because of Cebuano and English) and I just ran over and started petting it.
 The MTC is so weird because you don't see animals, or children, or normal
people.  I'm really stoked to get into civilization again.  Speaking of
random things I miss.  I had a mini breakdown the other day because I was
cold and I just wanted a hot bath.  And there is no way I'm getting in the
sick bathtubs here. They are a breeding ground for germs.  And then I
realized that I didn't get to take a hot shower, or a hot bath for 17
months and I was  very very sad.  The struggles of a missionary are very
real haha.
I'm rubbing off on my companions a lot, and it might not be in the best of
ways haha.  They used to speak very differently.  However there have been
some wonderful things that they have picked up on from me.  For example
"send help. nailed it.  same.  selfiiiish.  blessed.  I get that.  and
ratchet."  Even Sister Kaumatule is saying it, which is the funniest thing
ever.  They all blame me.  Truthfully, I'm probably just blessing their
life and their vocabulary.  They should feel very blessed and lucky to get
to associate with my vocab.
We have a song that we jam every single day.  It's on and it's one
of the EFY songs.  It's called Good Friend by Nik Day.  Seriously, if you
want a good laugh look it up.  This is what my life has come too.  This is
my new jam song.
So for the Tuesday Devotional Sister Anderson lucked out and we didn't have
a member of the twelve come.  A member of the seventy came.  I sat on the
stand with her and she gave a very good closing prayer.  On the way back to
class a random elder came up to her and stopped her.  What came after was
the most awkward MTC missionary flirting I have ever witnessed.  He told
her "that was a really good prayer" I almost died right then and there.  He
then continued to talk to her and tell her how he would like to be
"friends" and then he asked for her "myldsmail email" so that they could
"keep in touch" and maybe even "hang out" when they get home.  And because
I am a good companion, I just had to stand there and listen to it and
pretend that I wasn't there?  Some of our elders walked past and I stood in
front of the door so they couldn't go inside.  I told them that they were
not to leave me alone like this with what was happening.  I was truly
dying.  It was beyond ridiculous.  He also stopped by our table today to
wish us a good morning and to enjoy our p-day.
Wednesday was my month mark.  One month people.  I feel so incredibly proud
of that.  It was the hardest month of my entire life.  And there were days
I was certain I wasn't going to make it.  The only thing that kept me here,
is that I know that this is true.  There is no way I could have done the
last month without knowing that this was the way to happiness.  And to
celebrate my month mark, we ran errands.  Exciting I know.  We went to get
some pictures laminated on one of our breaks.  And as the kid was cutting
the lamination on the paper cutter, he cut his finger, fingernail included
in half.  It was so gross.  Like, I'm certain he needed stitches.  His
fingernail and finger was just in half.  And I was for some reason the ONLY
ONE who was concerned.  And I only passed out.  So I obviously had a very
exciting month mark.
And lastly.  Sister Pondolanan.  So yesterday our teacher brother Johnson
told us to find a sister missionary from the Philippines.  Her family was
 one that he taught in his very first area and she speaks Cebuano and is
headed to Temple Square for her mission.  He told us to try to find her.
 However, there are so many missionaries here.  So last night we're sitting
at dinner when we turn around and she is sitting right behind us!  She's so
cute.  I talked to her for a long time.  She let me practice my Cebuano
with her.  She told me that my Cebuano is really good (she's being overly
nice haha.  All I said was "how are you") but she told me that all the
Filipinos will love me so much for trying to speak the language.  We talked
about all the things that I have to do and try and just kept practicing the
language.  It was a tender mercy for sure.  Sometimes I feel like I'm never
going to actually get out of the MTC.  I'm never actually going to learn
the language or get to the Philippines.  So it was great to gain some
perspective.  I'll probably hang out with her some more in the next week
point five.  She's so freaking cute.
Well, I'm out of time.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for all of the
love and support.  Keep the prayers coming.  :)
Beaches and Mangos!
Sister Beyer

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