Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Week of Miracles

Our last day with Sister Ormsby.
My sweet score off of the share shelf.  (The share shelf is just where
people put the food they don't want.  Apparently this is only a thing that

sisters do.  But I love it.)
And sending off America in style.  yes.  I am wearing this around the MTC
today.  All day.  (don't worry, I put on gym shorts.)

The Fire Alarm Epidemic 2k14.

My District.  The Girls.  :)
My first picture with a Filipino!  This is Sister Pandolanan.
 Us with Sister K right after she got her scriptures.

Giving Sister K her scriptures.

You know, we're sending the last week at the MTC out with a bang.  It
begins on last Friday night.  We were all so tired, and we're getting ready
for bed around 9:40 ish.  I was changing so I put on this little bathrobe
that I have.  When suddenly, the fire alarm goes off.  I walked out in the
hallway, and I see all these sister missionaries SPRINTING down the
hallways and screaming.  Primarily the poor foreign sisters who didn't know
what was happening.  There are girls running out of the showers, shampoo in
their hair with their towels flailing.  I was so mad haha.  So I walked
back into the residence and started to put on pants.  It was freezing
outside and so so windy.  Just then my companion bursts in and says "Sister
Beyer.  We are going to BURN because you are putting on pants!"  and then
starts sprinting down the hallway.  So I start following her, down the
hall, four flights of stairs, all the while attempting to put on my pants.
 Finally we get outside and there are all the sisters huddled together.
 Twenty minutes later they let us back inside, apparently some sisters had
attempted to pop popcorn and had burned it.  Needless to say, we did not
burn, and the world was a better place because I had pants on.
On Sunday I had to give a talk on Enduring to the End.  The thing about the
MTC is that you write a talk every single Sunday, and then they announce
right then and there who will be coming up.  I talked a lot about "STAY
STRONG" and I shared that cool ABC thing you sent me mom.  Everyone came up
to me afterward and told me how much they loved both of those two things.
 So basically, thank you family for writing my talk for me.  :)
One of the absolute best parts of this week was getting the package with
Sister Kaumatule's scriptures in it.  They were so so perfect.  We wrote in
them, and then we said that we needed to have a district meeting.  So we
opened the meeting up with a prayer.  Then we asked her to sit down and
close her eyes.  I grabbed them and told her that we all really loved her
and have loved getting to know her.  I asked her to open her eyes.  She
started crying over the case.  She thought it was just a case.  Then once
she had opened the case she just lost it.  And then she saw her name on the
front and she couldn't even talk she was cryhing so hard.  She just kept
hugging us and telling us that we were here angels.  The story that came
out afterwards was really cool.  She has been going to the bookstore, and
saving up the money they put on our card and trying so hard to figure out
how she was going to buy english scriptures.  She was still short like 15
or 20 bucks and she prayed to Heavenly Father to find a way to get
scriputres.  That was the day before we gave them to her.  It was so neat.
 And then when we put the clothes on her bed she immediately ran over to my
bed when she found them and said "BEYER.  I know these are from you,
because I know that you are my angel!".  I told her that I had no possible
way of going out of the MTC and buying her clothes.  So it wasn't me.  A
white lie never hurts right?  ;)  She loved them though.  It's been really
fun to spoil her and serve her.  I'll miss my little foriegner when I leave
her next week.
Now, as for that fab package I recieved this week. I loved it so much.
 Stace!  Those socks.  They are beyond flawless.  Stars and stripes
FOREVER.  Thank you for everything.  :)
I started trying to eat like a Filipino this week.  They use their spoon in
their right hand, and the fork in the left.  You eat everything with the
spoon!  And then if it's rice you eat it with your hands.  The teachers
taught us how to do it, so I started trying it.  I got some crazy looks.
 But Sister Storey's family is straight up from Cebu.  She's a little
Phil-Am.  (Filipino American)  (that's a big deal in the Phillippines) and
she told me that I looked more Filipino than her brothers!  I have some mad
skills in the ways of eating like a Filipino.  Be proud.
Lastly, the Week of Miracles.  This week was hard.  I won't go too much
into it, but there were some crazy circumstances that happened this week.
 And it was so hard.  On Monday we got some crazy news, and us sisters in
our little room/district decided that we would declare this week The Week
of Miracles.  We are all so close.  The support we have is so amazing.  We
all fasted on Wednesday for 28 hours!  That is so insane!  The elders
fasted for us on Tuesday.  Yesterday I shared a really special experience
with Leah, that was a part of the Week of Miracles.  Needless to say, that
woman needed to be a part of my life in the MTC.  She always says "It seems
like a God thing to me" and I love it.  Everything happens for a reason.
 It seems like quite a God thing that Leah was here when she was.  We've
bonded so much.  She's so incredible.  I  think she has helped me so much
more than I've helped her.  It'll be really hard to say goodbye to her
tomorrow.  Today was the last big day of the Week of Miracles.  And our
miracle, my miracle came today.  I think the biggest thing that I've
learned the last six weeks is that no matter what, everything is going to
be okay.  I won't lie, the last six weeks have been so hard.  Some days, it
just seemed straight up impossible.  But there are little miracles every
single day.  There are tender mercies every single day.  And on the days
where I was certain I couldn't do it, as I laid in bed that night, I would
just smile because no matter what happened, I survived.  I've learned a lot
about myself.  I've learned that I can do hard things.  Even impossible
seeming things.  I've learned a lot about miracles.  About trials of faith,
and how God is always aware of us.  And it isn't until after the trial of
our faith that the miracles come.  The biggest thing that I've learned is
about the phrase "God won't give you more than you can handle"  that is
true.  That is so so true.  But the part that we don't think about is that
he will take us right up to our breaking point.  Right to the point where
we are about to give in because we are certain that we just can't do it.
 And then, in that moment when we are about to give up, that's when he
comes in and saves us and the miracles come.  I can't believe I'm out of
here and headed to the Philippines Monday morning.  It's unreal.  But I'm
ready for a change, and I'm ready to see the outdoors, get a freaking tan
(I'm beyond pale) see some animals and some kids.  I haven't seen any of
those things for six months!  I'm ready to fall in love with the people.
 I'm ready for some beaches and mangos I tell you what! This is crazy, I
can't believe this is my last few days in America.  I'll send some rockin
photos of how I'm sending out my time in America.
Be sure to still send me dear elders, just put my new Philippines address
on them.  Just because I'm on the other side of the world doesn't mean that
you get to forget about me!  I love you all so much.  This is crazy I tell
you what!  I'm excited to hear from you all and keep updated.  Please pray
for me and my death flight to the Philippines.  I have to do that crazy two
days of travel in a skirt and no music or movies.  Please, send me all the
help and prayers.  ;)  Anyways, I love you all.  Next time you hear from me
I'll be on the other side of the world!  Godspeed.  I'll see ya'll soon.

Sister Beyer.

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