Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week Two: USA = #1

Alright.  First things first.  In Cebuano usa (pronounced oosa) literally means number one.  So uh, I think we all know what  that means.  God Bless America.  Even the Cebuano's get it.

Let me try to hammer out everything that happened this week.  On Sunday we got to watch the live broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word.  It was only the sisters though.  Elders totally get the shaft on so many things haha.  Then the YW General President came and spoke to us for relief society.  All the sisters are always combined, and the elders just stay in their districts.  Probably because elders are complete children.  After that we had the "New Sister Meeting" it was actually beyond ridiculous.  They discussed with us how we need to wear make up, and our lips need to have a little bit of lipstick or lipgloss on them.  #no.  And how there are no little socks allowed in our shoes (excuse me I'm not  gonna be running around with stinky feet in dress shoes all day with no socks.  #gross) then we were told sheer shirts weren't allowed, even with shirts underneath because that's inappropriate?  And then I kid you not the sister spent seven consecutive minutes teaching us different ways to tie scarves and how to bend over/pick things up/sit down.  This is not a joke.  And then we discussed how it is necessary that you SHOWER EVERY DAY AND WEAR DEODORANT AND BRUSH YOUR HAIR/TEETH.  It was a painful meeting.  And I cried from sorrow and also laughter.  Sunday night we have devotionals, and we decided to join the MTC choir.  It was really cool.  Elder Holland ended up showing up to introduce his son who was speaking on Sunady.  It was also Sister Hollands birhtday so we all sang happy birthday to her.  Brother Holland gave a great talk on Joseph Smith and we sang Joseph Smiths First Prayer as a choir.  It was really powerful to be in the same room as Elder Holland and sing about Joseph Smith.  And as Elder Holland was leaving, he blew all of the missionaries a kiss.  I may have fangirled a little bit over that.  Also speaking of Sunday, while we were sitting in choir, I counted three sisters wearing the same bird shirt that I have in the two rows in front of me.  Needless to say, I will probably never wear the bird shirt here haha.  That night I was able to watch the talk by Elder Bednar on The Character of Christ.  That is such a powerful talk.  I've read it before, but to hear it, it was unreal.  Thanks for suggesting that Curtis.  On Monday I spent a lot of time studying my patriarchal blessing.  My branch president suggested that I print off a new copy and highlight all my blessings in one color, and all my responsibilities in the other color, and then write out a list of what each are.  It really made me look at it in a new way.  I've probably read it 50+ times this week.  Tuesday was our service day, so sister anderson and I mopped SEVEN flights of stairs and dried them.  And then we had a devotional and Elder and Sister Perkins of the seventy came and spoke to us.  AND I GOT MY PACKAGE.  GOD BLESS YOU. Boots and leggings and a package and treats and letters.  I've got the rap of being spoiled here.  I just like to call it #blessed.  These sisters are punks though, they don't realize that if they are nice, my spoiled also makes them spoiled because I share because I"m oh so nice.  So even though they still tease me about being spoiled, they're really excited about it haha.  Tuesday night we were feeling a little stir crazy, so we looked out our window and happened to see two or three stars.  Before you know it all four of us were crammed up against the window with our noses pressed up against it to see the stars.  We rarely are outside to see the sun or anything.  It was so funny.  We taught our investigator Jeffery a total of four lessons.  Totally in Cebuano.  We've commited him to baptism as well.  Yesterday we taught him the plan of salvation and the language actually worked out a little bit.  It was the best lesson BY FAR.

Also, mom.  My half birthday package yesterday was amazing.  And I shared it with my whole zone.  Needless to say that you are the favorite mom.  My whole zone loves you.  They call you momma beyer.  And Sister Kaumatule cried when their were treats in there for her.  Her family won't be able to send her letters until another two weeks or so, and they don't have computers.  So if anyone would want to make a Tongan's day, send her a quick note.  She loves it.

Also yesterday I nearly died.  Let me tell you why.  We walked into our residence hall and it was all muggy and smelled so rank.  So we're trying to figure out what in the heck this smell is.  We can't figure it out.  All of the sudden Idecide it might be the floor.  So I kneel down and for some unknown reason, I smell the floor.  Literally the worst decision I have ever had in my entire life.  They had "cleaned" the carpets apparently.  But all I could smell was putrid, rank, smell of mold, mildew, old towels, stinky socks, wet shoes, and the worst BO I've ever encountered.  At least 9 years of putrid rank horrible smells.  It was so bad that I immediately gagged, opened up our window and hung out of our fourth story window gagging.  Needless to say, my companions have been teasing me about that for the last day.  It was atrocious and the worst smell I've ever encountered.  I'm never touching these floors ever.  Well I'm running out of time, so I'll have to send the rest of the good stuff in a letter.  But thank you so much for all the letters I've recieved from everyone.  I'm so blessed.  If you get a chance, read the Refiners Fire.  Jill Scott sent it to me and I just cried the whole way through it.  It's beautiful.

Look what I learned to do this week:
Nasayud ko nga manluluwas si jesukristo.  makaila ang dios kanato.  Nasayud ko nga tinuod propeta si joseph smith.  Nagpasalamat ko along sa ebanghelyo.  So ngalan ni jesukristo amen.
Yeah, that's my testimony in Cebuano!  It's freaking gibberish, but its true! haha.  Hopefully you can google translate that ish.  Basically that just means that I know that Jesus Christ is the savior.  God knows us.  Joseph Smith was a  true prophet, and I'm grateful for the gospel.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all the love and support.

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