Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hi yes hello I am in The Philippines! It was an adventure and a half.  I
have no idea what time it is or what day it is.  We got to sleep last night
at twelve thirty and we were up at four. They changed our flight and didn't
tell us? So we missed our flight this morning.  I went all sorts of crazy
adult problem solver and found a new flight and called our mission
president.  It's crazy here. Driving is nuts. My hair is an Afro.  My
mission president is so wonderful.  The temple is gorgeous.  And I cried
saying goodbye to sister storey. I will get my new companion and area any
minute.  I'll email next Wednesday.  I love you so so much.  Pray for me
haha.  I'm still looking forward to beaches and mangos baby.  Love, Carlee.

     Stay strong.

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