Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome To The Crazy

 Sometimes missions are hard and you need some boxed princess chocolate milk

drink.  (it has a label telling you it is chocolate milk drink, because it
isn't actually milk.  I'm not sure waht it actually is haha)
The only way to get through Weekly Planning.  It is three hours of planning
every aspect of your entire week.  Mangos, cucumbers, water, lays potato
chips, and that weird Dr Seuss fruit is called Rambutan

 Sometimes, I live in a really beautiful place.
 One more for good measure.  Our investigator had to go and find a woman so

we could teach him.  So we were just hanging out in his house by ourselves

taking selfies.  It's fine.  #missionprobs.

Yeah, you could say my hair is a little curly here.
 Mom I'm sorry it was raining and I was tired and sometimes you have to

touch dirty disease ridden kittens.  I promised I sanitized my hands
afterwards.  :)

One of Haroldenia's babies.  His name is Junjun.

Welcome to a rainstorm my friends.  this was just from running to one house
to another.
For Brady, Brayden, and Greyson.  Some dang huge caterpillars

This week has been ridiculous.  Literally ridiculous.  Firstly last p-day
we went to go pay our bills.  So we were on a jeepney for like twenty
minutes.  We get off the jeepney and Sister Rugg grabs her purse and
realizes that her wallet is missing as we see the jeepney drive down the
street.  So we look at my walet and I only have 700 pesos, which is plenty
to get by but not to pay for our bills.  So we get back on the jeepney, I
pay for it we drive all the way back, get her wallet, go to the bank and go
all the way back to pay the bills and then grocery shopping and then we
carry all of our bags of groceries home.  By the time it was all said and
done, our p day was over.  So much for relaxing.  Also to get into a
grocery store we had to be frisked, which was fun.  And Sister Rugg talked
to a nice man in the grocery store who seemed very interested in the
gospel.  So Sister Rugg gave him our number.  HA.  MISTAKE.  He started
texting our phone about how Sister Rugg is really nice and really t ouched
his life and he knows that we are missionaries of God, but how can he deny
the feelings that he is having.  She told him that it was inappropriate and
to please stop texting her.  Well he did not, and he calls and we just
always ignore him and his texts.  But yeah, my companion has a mild stalker
named Josh.  God bless he doesn't know where we live or where the church
is.  Seriously.
Thursday we gave our first temple tour.  They are really neat, its kind of
fun serving here because I kind of get to be a visitor center missionary.
 Also, so many random Filipinos are adding me on facebook haha.  Have you
accepted them?
Friday not much happened, we went to a wedding of  two people in our ward
and I got Mormon food Filipino style.  Not nearly as delicious, but still
delicious none the less.  :)  And I got to see one of my favorite members
Mikmik.  I feel like she could just be one of my best friends from home.  I
really love her.  And she always teases me, so it feels like home haha.
Saturday I woke up at 12:30 in the morning to our landlords kids SCREAMING
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus for one hour.  One hour.  I nearly lost it,
but I couldn't do anything about it because I don't speak the language, and
they are my landlords children.  We woke up that morning and the four of us
sisters decided to make a big conference breakfast just like we did at
home.  We made pancakes and egg and sausage and peanut butter syrup.  It
was heavenly.  And it was my two month mark!  Conference was great.
 Different for sure, but it was so great.  I took ten pages of notes!  The
senior missionaries made all of us lunch, chicken salad sandwiches!  It was
devine.  And I got mail!  Yay!  Remember how I told you that I loved the
Choir director at the MTC?  He was the one who directed the choir at the
Saturday session of conference!
Sunday was great too.  I felt like every speaker of conference was talking
directly to me.  It was really cool to be sitting in the chapel in the
philippines while Elder Teh talked about his experience in the Philippines.
 Truly, that describes it perfectly.  The people just sat in the chapel and
cried during his talk.  Also, no one would believe me that my hair is
curly, so I decided to take one for the team and let my afro go crazy.
 yeah, it was a hot mess, and now everyone believes me that this is real
life curl haha.  We went home that night to find that Harold, maybe isn't a
Harold, but a Haroldenia, we have dozens of baby lizards all over our
apartment.  But they are nice and they combat all the bugs, so they can
stay as long as they like.
Monday.  Oh Monday.  So after District meeting we eat lunch and then our
zone leaders came up to me and tell us that we are going on splits today.
 EXCUSE.  I have only been here for twopointfive weeks.  I cannot go on
splits.  I am a tiny american who does not speak this language, I do not
know how to navigate jeepneys, nor do I know how to navigate barrungays.
 These aren't nice little subdivisions, no, you have to go through alleys
and they wind and turn and addresses just don't exist in the philippines.
 So I went out with Sister Valensco and it was the most stressful day of my
life.  She didn't know any of these people, so I had to find people to talk
to and teach, and then figure out what to say and what we were going to do
next and oh my gosh I nearly died.  Once we got back to the chapel that
night I just sat on the curb and looked at the temple and cried.  It was
such a stressful anxiety filled day.  When the Sister Training Leaders
found out about it that night in our apartment they were so mad!  They were
like "you never do that to a greeny!  holy crap!"  But life is alright. Oh,
and I had a woman tell me that she couldn't meet with me at that time, I
said okay when can we come back?  And she said "actually, could you please
never come back?"  Oh.  Okay.  So that's one less investigator haha.
Yesterday was an interesting day as well.  So Sister Rugg and I are walking
down the street when this woman gets off the jeepney and walks towards us.
 You can tell that she is homeless, and maybe not all the way there.  She
tries to grab sister Rugg's waterbottle out of her hand.  This isn't some
cheap waterbottle, this is the nice, expensive one that they give us that
is a water filtration that will last us our whole mission.  It is necessary
that we keep this for survival!  This woman starts trying to wrench it out
of her hands.  I am just sitting there trying to figure out what to do.  I
don't have a waterbottle with me for some reason.  They are arguing in
Cebuano and both of them are pulling on the waterbottle.  Then the woman
tells her that she needs the water or she will die.  She just keeps yelling
"I'm dying!  I'm dying!"  So I go and pry the womans hands off of this
waterbottle.  PRY them.  And then Sister Rugg and I walk quickly away as
the woman chases sister Rugg and takes a swing at her!  She misses and
takes another swing!  And then she just gave up and turned around.  I have
no idea what was even happening.  My life is madness.  We also experienced
our first really bad rain storm.  It was literally raining buckets.  We
were drenched, and we didn't dry all day long because it was so humid.  It
was so humid that my glasses were fogged up all day long.  And then we got
home to find four cockroaches in our home.  Update:  they fly.  These
things are surely going to be the death of me.  And that is my crazy week
summed up.  It's also Holy Week this week, so everyone is super catholic
this week, and no one wants to talk to us.  It's been an adventure for
sure.  Enjoy Easter for me!  (Mom, I'm sorry I won't be there working with
you!)  Pray for me, I hear Easter is real crazy here.  I love you all!
 Love, Carlee

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