Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Oh my heavens.  The weeks just keep getting busier and busier!  This week
has been by far the best week yet. It was insane starting out though.

Firstly, Wednesday.  I wake up Wednesday and am doing personal study andjust casually itch my leg to feel death pains as I do so.  I look down andsee my legs covered in about twenty huge red spots.  So I run down stairsin a panic to ask Sister Passey and Robidillo what is going on.  They tellme that it's probably just hives because I was nervous about transfers.  SoI was a little weirded out, but whatever.  As the day goes on, I stop bythe mission office just to be sure.  And the conclusion they gave me wasbeyond horrifying.  Beyond.  Are you ready for this?  Cockroach bites.  Yesmy friends, a cockroach climbed onto my bed and decided to just go to townon me.  I cried because it was the grossest thing I could possibly thinkof.  But now it's just really funny.  Welcome to my mission!  They actuallyturned into some pretty gnarly bruises on my legs.  Never fear, I tookphotos. We also went to the zoo last week.  Basically it was 20 pesos,
which equal 50 cents and I held two snakes, sat very near to and touched analligator, and had a bird sit on my head.  There were also some terrifyingmonkeys on chains who we threw crackers at so they didn't rip our handsoff.  And that was basically all the zoo had haha.  Packing was insanelynuts, and then that night the ward threw me a going away party.  You know,you really learn on a mission that you don't need to know someone a longtime to love them.  I knew these people for six weeks.  Six weeks and Ibarely even speak the language and I cried as I had to say goodbye to them.  The bishops wife made a ton of food and invited over some people from theward.  It was so special and fun.  Goodness, missions are stupid becauseyou leave your family and you cry, and then you meet people, they make youlove them and then you have to leave your new family and cry haha.  Itsreally hard here though, because saying goodbye, really could mean sayinggoodbye forever.  You can't just keep in touch the same way here, as if Iwas serving in Georgia or something  The people here are really amazing.

Thursday morning we got up and went to the mission office for transfer day. Through some miscommunication we ended up sitting in the mission officefor five hours waiting to leave.  You could say I was a little nervous.  Wefinally got onto a huge bus headed to Carcar.  I had to sit by myself inthe middle of a bunch of Filipinos.  So on the two hour bus ride, I spentabout one hour of it praying and one hour of it sleeping haha.  I woe up atone point to look out and see the ocean and rice patties, yeah, I'mdefinitely not in Kamputhaw anymore.  We got to our house, dropped our bagsand then went to the church to have a meeting with the ward mission leader.In the middle of the meeting out of the blue, Sister Passey just looked atme and said "Sister Beyer.  I am SO excited about this transfer".  Me too. It's going to be amazing.  Our house is completely picturesque.  It isblue.  Blue walls with blue trim and blue curtains.  We have a balcony andare you ready for this?  A shower!  It's only cold water, but I'mperpetually hot and sweaty, so I surely don't mind.  It's just so nice tohave a shower.  And our room has a swamp cooler?  So we live the good life. Our room is tiny and adorable and there is only room for our two beds.

I woke up Friday morning just feeling so so good.  I woke up smiling andready for the day.  It just feels right here.  Carcar is good for my soul. Because we are whitewashing, we just had to rely on the previous areabook.  Which is borderline non existent.  And so we just get to plan a partof our area, and go explore the coconut groves and rice patties and cornfields.  It is gorgeous.  And people are just coming out of the jungle totalk to us.  In our first day we saw so many miracles.  I wish I had timeto write down everything about this week.  We got up to the top of amountain and taught this perfect lesson to this family who has just gottenbaptized.  They live in the jungle on the top of a mountain and they makeshoes for a living.  They went in their backyard and picked us mangos toeat right then and there.  There are cows and goats and NICE CHICKENSeverywhere and it just felt so dang good. I couldn't stop smiling.  It justfelt so right here.  Like this is where I was always supposed to be. Sister Passey just looked over at me and grinned and said "Sister Beyer,welcome to your mission".  We are so busy.  We just go all day long.  It'sso ideal.  She is such a good trainer because it's her very last transfer,and she was an STL for nine months.  She just knows so much.  We are sobusy all the time because there is SO much work to do in our area, and notto mention it i her last area, so she really wants to just hit it hard. Never before was there a more perfect time to lose myself.  At the end ofFriday we just sat at the kitchen table so tired and so happy and Irealized that I didn't cry once that day.  For the first time in threemonths, I didn't cry.  I'm not saying that so you feel bad for me, I'msaying that because I feel so great.  Carcar is so good for my soul.  And Ihaven't cried since coming here.  It's really so great.  Sister Passeyknows how to push me in all the right ways.  She pushes me so hard everysingle day, but I'm improving so much already.  She told me she isn't goingto treat me like a trainee, as much as she is just going to treat me like ajunior companion.  She has some big goals for me, and she wants me to beable to completely hold my own in this area next transfer.  I've told youfrom day one, she is amazing.  But seriously, she is.  She is going tochange my entire mission, she already has, and as a result of that, she isgoing to change my life.

Saturday we were doing language study and she was just pushing me so sohard.  And I don't even know what happened.  The gift of tongues straightup happened and I taught so much in straight visaya (they don't call thelanguage cebuano here, it's visaya) I said things I had no idea I knew howto say.  After I finished teaching she just grinned at me an said "WellSister Beyer.  You can speak Visaya".  In one week my language has probablyimproved double what it was.  She has such good language, and by the end ofthis transfer I feel really confident that I can have good language too.Sunday was great too.  Goodness, every day is great this week haha. Churchwas great.  This ward is really solid, and they are so loving.  I made therecipe mom sent me for lunch which was so delicious.  Sister Passey and Iwere walking through the rice patties and coconut groves as the sun wassetting and we just looked at each other and said "how did we get SOlucky?"  How is this our life?  How did we get this mission call?  I know Iknow, all missions are great and custom made for the missionary, but thismission is just so incredible.

Monday I got to SKYPE!  It was so so great to talk to everyone.  I love youall so much.  Also, Sister Passey an I have the best companionship goalever, we want to eat one mango and one avocado a day because when else willbe be able to eat a fresh one of those every day again?

Yesterday was so busy again.  We started it off so perfectly.  We woke upat six and decided to go jogging.  Are you ready for this?  We went joggingthrough the jungle!  It was so invigorating and fun.  And you best believethat a cold shower felt actually like heaven afterwards.  Every night weget home and we are just so tired in all the best ways.  Last night we gothome and just laid on the kitchen floor, drank gallons of water, and atechocolate for dinner and laughed.  We have such a great friendship.  Wejust laugh all day long.  We work so hard, but we have so much fun alongthe way.  I've never been more tired, but it feels really good.  We are soincredibly similar.  I have a feeling that this kid and I were alwayssupposed to meet.  And that we're going to be best friends for a long time.

Today we woke up at 5 and got on a bus to come back to Kamputhaw haha.  Aswe were driving past the ocean the sun was rising.  How. Is. Carcar. So.Perfect?  We were able to go to the temple this morning.  It was my firsttime.  You know, there is something really special about going to thetemple as a missionary, in the place that you were always meant to go.  Idon't really know how to describe it.  But it was so special.  We were withabout 20 other missionaries.  It was just such a special experience.  I'mreally happy here.  I'm really enjoying Carcar and Sister Passey.  There'sreally never been a better time to lose myself in the work.  Goodness, this was such a great week.  I love you all.  I'll talk to you again nextweek!  Oh p.s. we figured out how to say YOLO in visaya.  PAGSOLO.  So lifeis perfect haha.  I love you.  Stay Strong!  

Love, Carlee

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Okay, this week has been such madness.  And I'll warn you before hand, my

computer that I'm at is ghetto fab and the keyboard barely works.  It's
jacking with my style.  So excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

Wednesday:  I decided that since there are so many lovely salons around
this city, I was going to go in and get my eyebrows done . Just a little
luxury since I don't have very much time.  So we walk into this nice
looking salon and the first thing I notice is that they don't sweep up hair
until the end of the day.  So we are just wading through all this hair and
I'm gagging as it gets in my shoes and sticks to my feet.  I tell them I
want to get my eyebrows waxed.  So this very...eccentric man  walks up to
me very excited to help me.  Mind you, his hair is halfway down his back,
and he has on some very lovely make up.  So then he asks me if we are
waxing my armpits or legs.  Excuse me?  I told him my eyebrows. He informs
me that he can't wax my eyebrows but he can SHAVE THEM.  Homeboy wanted to
shave my eyebrows. Everything bout his sounds like a completely terrible
idea.  I basically ran from the salon in fear. It was Sister Passey's
birthday on Wednesday, so we all went out to dinner at The Pancake House.
 So much delicious American food. I ate a ham and cheese.  This is a huge
deal because firstly, sandwiches do not exist here.  Secondly, cheese does
not exist here.  It was us four sisters that live together, and then a
senior couple named Elder an Sister Harris.  They ended up buying all of
our meals.  They are so sweet.

Thurday:  Nothing major happened other than we taught two of our IBD's
(Investigator with a Baptisimal Date)  they are set to be baptized on the
seventeenth of this month.  They are really cool, and have come a really
far way. Their names are George and Odyssey.  I have been working with
Odyssey for weeks to get him to quit smoking.  I buy him candy an then
trade him for his cigarettes.  I'm proud to say that as of one week, he has
not had a single cigarette. And, he took his earrings out and gave them to
me "for remembrance".  They are in my jewlery box haha.  They are solid
guys, and they are completely changing their lives for the gospel .  It's
really neat to see.

Friday:  I made the realization that I'm friends with all the important
people in life.  Aka, the lady who works at the tindera and I buy candy
from.  Her name is Fe.  I'm also friends with the lady at the bakery,
Eugene, who sells street meat, the lady who sells banana fritters, and the
lady who sells hot cakes.  They all know me by name.  Between them and the
kids, that's basically my friend circle here haaha.  We taught French woman
who came to the temple for a tour.  Her name is Grace.  We taught in
English.  Holy heck. I don't know how to  be a misionary in english or in
cebuano.  It's so awkward!  And then that night we saw a missionary waiting
at the temple for his parents to come.  Holy cow.  A taxi pulled up and he
thought it was his family.  His face was priceless. And I swear I felt
every emotion right there with him. No I didn't cry.  That would be

Saturday:   I realized that I have no become a party trick here in
Kamputhaw  The kids run past and sing a line from frozen an the wait for me
to sing the rest.  And now adults have started calling me Elsa too.  That
night we went to an activity with our ward.  It was for all RM's in our
ward.  our bishop invited us because we are future RM's of the Kamputhaw
ward.  It was really fun.  The bishops wife walked up to me and gave me a
hug and told me that I looked really good.  She told me that when I first
got here, I didn't know how to smile.  But now I know that Kamputhaw is my
family, and I know how to smile without even trying.  She's right . I have
such a great ward family here.  I love Kamputhaw.

Then there is Sunday.  Sunday was rough.  My first fast sunday here, Sister
Passey mentioned how fast sundays are always the worst.  It seems like
everything that could go wrong, does.  And it's just like the Lord is
testing you to see just how far you're wiling to go.  This Sunday proved
that.  No one came to church.  Odyssey and George weren't there.  We found
out later it was because they were hungover.  And Miles wasn't there
either.  There is a rule that you have to attend church four sundays in a
row before you can be baptized.  So their baptism on the seventeenth is now
moved back.  We went and checked on Miles and found out that she had some
pretty gnarly bruises on her arms that she was embarrassed about and didn't
want people at church to see.  She sat on the ground and cried because her
life is so hard right now.  They have absolutely no money for rice, or even
for soap to wash their clothes.  I sat next to her and held  her hand and
cried right along with her. Then I asked her if she wanted to wash my
clothes for me and I would pay her every week.  She jumped up and started
sobbing thanking me.  The laundromat we were going to kept losing my
clothes anyway.  I'd rather help someone I love.  We ran into her later
that night and she came up to me an gave me a hug an said "you really are
my sister, aren't you?".  Goodness, I love that woman so much.  That night
the four of us sisters made a huge break the fast feast.  Breakfast for
dinner.  Pancakes, eggs, potatos, ham, and tang with watermellon in it.  It
was beyond delicious.

Monday:  Monday was transfer day.  We knew that I wasn't going to get
transferred because new missionaries pretty much always stay with their
trainers for two transfers.  So they start writing the names of the new
sister missionaries coming in to our zone.  There are four companionships
in our zone.  So they write all the elders coming in, and then three
sisters.  They add a few more elders and then suddenly another sister.  So
we realize that Sister Rugg and I are going to be separated.  At this
point, we are thinking Sister Rugg is leaving.  NOPE.  They write my name
on the board to be transferred to Carcar.  it is about an hour South of
here. Doesn't it just sound like I belong there?  Then a crazy thing
happens.  They write that Sister Passey is being transferred to Carcar too
and we are going to be companions for her very last transfer!  We are white
washing an area, meaning we are basically starting from scratch with it.
 We have so much work to do.  If ever there was an opportunity to lose
myself, it'll be this transfer.  The back story of why this is such a
miracle, is that on Tuesday of last week I knelt down and offered one of
the most sincere prayers ofmy entire life.  I told Heavenly Father that
this mission is dang hard.  And that if there was any way at all that I
could serve with Sister Passey, I think I would be able to really change
and complete this mission just like the sister missionary that I always
wanted to be and become  I told him that I thought I could learn so much
from her.  But I knew there wasn't really a way for it to happen.  Well.
Miracles happen.  Dreams come true.  And God answers prayers.  The only
posible way for this to happen was for us to whitewash an area.  As I saw
President Schmutz he gave me a hug an asked me how I felt.  I told him
about my prayer, and he just looked at me and grinned and said "The Lord is
very aware of you Sister Beyer".  So the last two days have been insane
trying to pack and say all my goodbyes  I had to say goodbye to Miles and
that was one of the hardest things ever.  I bore my testimony to her at the
end of the lesson and she just sobbed.  She looked at me with tears
streaming down her face and told me that from the second I walked into her
house, she knew that there was a god, and she knew that he loved her.  She
thanked me for changing her life, and promised me she would keep fighting
and get baptized.  Gosh, I love that woman.  Tonight we get to go to dinner
at the bishops house to say goodbye, and I have to say goodbye to MikMik
too.  I'm sad, but also so excited for this new adventure.  Alright, I'm
out of time.  I'll talk to you on SUUUUNDAY!   I can't wait.  But you can't
make fun of me if I have an accent.  Oh also, I might look a litle bit like
a creep because you raise your eyebrows a lot here.  Like to answer yes to
a question or something. And if you can't hear, you want someone to repeat
or you don't understand, you just open you rmouth really wide.  I'm just
giving you fair warnings haha.  This is now totally normal for me here.
 Also fun fact, Sister Rugg got a picture of her brother standing with
President Obama the other day.  He was serving in Iraq and got shot in the
leg, so President Obama visited him.
We are gettin ready to head to the zoo right now!  It's only 20 pesos.
 Which is basiaclly 50 cents.  And rumor has it I get to hold a snake AND
sit on an alligator.  I'm stoked.  Pictures to follow.  I love you all so
much. I'll talk to you on Sunday from CARCAR!  :)

Love, Carlee

The Hills

 Sister Passey, teaching all the kids about how God loves them.

 I don't remember if i sent this last week, but its one of my prized

pictures.  Me with a cockfighting rooster, and his scary filipino owner.
 Laba in the rain.

 Selfies on a hoblehoble.

 My Zone.

 Um, I may have gotten a little sunburned.  #I'msorrymom

#onedayi'llbuysunscreen #itdoesn'thurtanymore #atleastitsacooltanline


 A random sign they put up that actually literally makes no sense haha.

Jump roping.  :)

I feel like this week hasn't had a lot happen, but there have been some big

ish things happen that I want to go into detail on.  P.s. have I mentioned
lately that I love all of you and the random emails that I get from
everyone?  Keep up the good work.  I love the support and love I get.  :)
Wednesday:  We had our first zone activity.  It was really fun and just a
great way to mix it up.  We got on a hoblehoble (a motorcycle) and cruised
up into the bukid (mountains).  It was my first time riding on a
hoblehoble.  They're freaking crazy, but so much fun.  You have to ride on
them with your companion too. We were getting so many weird looks as we
cruised down the streets.  We went to some boy scout camp up in the
mountains and just played a bunch of Filipino games.  Basically they are
like youth conference games in another langugage.  It was so much fun.
 Also, Elder Pettibone (the one who the schwitzers know) and I figured out
that we both go home together next August.  So that was a fun little fact.
 And for the first time in two months, I got to wear pants, outside, IN
PUBLIC.  I was a little uncomfortable about it. I felt like I was breaking
the rules or something.  I looked like a civilian!  And then that night I
went crazy on our apartment.  Our bathroom was disgusting.  I spent a good
hour on my hands and knees attacking our bathroom and the ghosts of 8
missionaries past.  Seriously, it was gross.  I thought sister missionaries
were clean?  Mom, you would have been so proud.  That thing shined.  I
scrubbed every inch of it, and bleached the crap out of it.  I feel a
little cleaner now when I shower.
Thursday:  We had our first CSP which is Community Service Project.  I got
to wear these mythical creations called "jeans" it was magical indeed.  Our
zone all got together and went on a jeepney to an area that had been burned
down and we were building a public "CR" (comfort room, aka bathroom) for
them.  I thought I had seen poor.  I thought I had seen poverty.  Yeah, not
even close compared to what we saw.  There was this incredibly huge plot of
land, that had all been burned down.  Roughly 200 "homes" were affected.
 When one catches on fire, they all burn because they are made of literally
garbage.  It was a squatters area.  It was so incredibly eye opening.
 These people just picked up what they could and rebuilt.  People were
living under tarps.  It was a little overwhelming to see.  I sat and talked
a lot to Sister Passey about it (she is seriously incredible)  we talked
about how the economy is so sad here.  The government is warped (its a
government, of course it is) and how you have to pay for your kids to go to
school.  So basically, none of these kids will ever even attend elementary
school.  The rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, and there isn't a real
way to fix that.  She told me something that really stuck out to me.  She
said that when she first got on her mission she was just so sad, and she
felt like she couldn't help.  She said "I'm all about humanitarian work.
I'll sponsor their kids to go to school, I'll give them food, I'll give
them money, but I've found that the best humanitarian work I can do that
will be lasting and actually help them in the long run, is I can share the
gospel with them and teach them about the restored gospel".  It looks like
I'm on that humanitarian trip I always wanted to go on, and I'm on it for
another 15 months.  :)  We talked about how this place really makes you
realize what true happiness is.  You don't need much to really be happy.
 And you surely don't need "stuff" to make you happy. Sister Passey is so
amazing. She just sat down with the kids and would tickle them and say "Do
you know that God loves you?"  "How do you know it?"  and then would tell
them all about how much God loves these little kids.  And then we  taught
them how to sing "I hope they call me on a mission".
Friday: This day was really slow.  The main thing that happened is that we
had some of the young women in our ward go out with us.  They are all 13 or
14 and so pumped about missionary work.  They're already saving up money to
go on missions.  I really want to be a young womens leader when I get home
(president davey and bishop balazs, if you're reading this *hint hint*)
haha no but really, I love working with the young women.  They're really
golden and so much fun and so so sweet.
Saturday.  Saturday was my one month mark in the field!  Is anyone else
alarmed by this?  We were able to go on splits with the Sister Training
Leaders, and I was lucky enough to get to go with Sister Passey.  It was
truthfully, the best day that I've had in the Philippines. I learned so
much from her.  We're really similar.  And we just had a really great day
together.  We taught Miles, and her husband joined the lessons for the
first time, and he's really really solid too.  We hope that we can have
 them be baptized on the same day.  Miles helped us teach him and bore her
testimony of Joseph Smith.  That woman is so elect, it's really amazing.
 As Sister Passey and I were talking throughout the day, she shared some
things that really stuck out to me.  She was talking about how one of her
companions, Sister Dumas, was a missionary from Tacloban who had been
evacuated.  She told me of a time when Sister Dumas was talking to her and
just felt very broken and weak from everything that had happened in the
typhoon.  But Sister Dumas told her that she decided that it could be a
fear building experience, or a faith building experience.  And it was up to
her to choose what one it would be.  It just really hit me, obviously
anything I would go through is so different than being in a typhoon.  But I
think we all have our own spiritual, and emotional typhoons we go through.
 And at the end of the day, we need to sit down and decide whether its
going to be a fear building experience or a faith building experience.
 Another thing she mentioned is that "Life is the Hills".  She explained
that our entire lives we are living in the hills, its either straight
uphill or straight down.  It's pretty rare that we plateau on the top.
 It's up or it's down.  And both are such intense emotions that sometimes
we just get so overwhelmed.  But it's all about taking it one day at a
time, and enjoying the up so you can get through the down and vice versa.
 How would we ever enjoy life if we didn't have hills?  She really is
beyond amazing.  She has helped me so much this transfer.  I don't think I
would have made it without her.
Sunday:  I got sick.  I watched it happen in slow motion, my companion
Sister Rugg woke up with a mild runny nose.  And in slow motion I watched
three events take place that resulted in me getting sick.  She sneezed in
her hand, and then used my pen.  She blew her nose in her hankerchief and
then put it on my desk, she accidentally sneezed on my food.  When you are
constantly within three feet o someone, it's hard to not get sick.  But she
got over it in a matter o 36 hours.  I'm still sick.  I don't understand
how I live in one giant humidifier, and I have a stuffy nose!  But it's
alright, I have all the Filipinas telling me their witchdoctor fixes.  I
had a really cool moment as we were walking to church on Sunday.  We were
walking the same street we walk every single day, by the same flowers we
walk every single day, and suddenly as we were walking there was just the
strongest sent of honeysuckles.  It smelled EXACTLY like the honeysuckles
at Grandma Beyers house.  I stopped in my tracks because it smelled so
good.  These flowers have never smelled before, but they were so strong and
it smelled exactly like Grandma Beyer's house.  And then, in that moment, I
knew she was right there with me.  It's cheesy, I know.  I feel weird
writing it out, but I'm telling you, in that moment, Grandma Beyer was with
me.  After church we went back home for lunch and we walked past the same
flowers, I picked one so I could smell it.  They didn't have a smell.  I
asked my companion about it too, she said that it was so strong before, but
they don't smell now.  Yeah, like I said, Grandma Beyer was with me.  Oh,
remember our crazy bishop?  he asked to borrow my glasses, then he took
them and told me that I shouldnt wear them anymore because I look a lot
prettier without them.  Oh.  okay.  And we decided to join ward choir on
Sunday, which was a lovely little switch up in our day.
Monday:  I got mail!  I nearly cried (okay, I actually cried)  a ton of
mail finally caught up and I got seven letters!  Everyone in my zone is
very jealous.  I'm sorry!  #blessed.  Really though it was amazing.  Thank
you to eveyone who ahs been sending mail.  :)  Also apparently Obama was in
the Philippines on Monday?  #usa #merica.  My favorite part about Monday
though happened as we were walking.  We were in a newish area we haven't
explored to much and we were just getting punted left and right.  People
were literally running from us.  Or they would just look at us and yell in
English (they weren't mean.  They just thought we couldn't speak Cebuano
and naturally raised their voices so we could better understand) "I AM A
CATOLICK".  It was interesting.  After about forty mintues of this we got
to the top of this hill and there were a bunch of little kids jumproping. I
didn't even think about it.  I just put down my bag and jumped in with
them. They taught me the game and all made fun of me because I am so tall
and I don't know how to speak the language.  It  saved me though.  That's
one thing about the Philippines that really saves me, there are always kids
to play with. Anytime I get overwhelmed, I just sit down and play with some
kids or talk to them.  Also, I'm turning into dad because I don't know how
to pass a bakery without buying some delicious bread of some sort.  And who
could choose just one?  So naturally I buy three or four different things.
 I'm going to get fat haha.  And, I have to admit.  In a moment of pure
desperation, I bought street meat.  I was so hungry and it smelled so good
and they were waving the smoke towards me.  But never fear, it was only a
hot dog.  You can't go too wrong with those, and if I eat them out of a
cart in New York, I can probably eat them here.  It was delicious and I
regret nothing.  And I didn't even get sick!
Tuesday.  The main thing that happened yesterday was that we finally had
our zone interviews.  I went in and talked to president one on one for
almost an hour.  He's amazing.  And mark my words, he will be an apostle.
 We hugged, I cried, we talked, we hugged, we talked, I cried, and then we
hugged.  I love that man.  He just told me that hes really proud of me for
what I've already been through and accomplished.  He just kept telling me
he is proud of me, and how much he loves me.  It was really so great.
Other than that, I think that's about it for this week.  Tell the schitzers
that I love my "prayer rug" and I use it every morning and every night.
 And all the other missionaries are so jealous of it and their knees hurt!
 I'm spoiled obviously.  One thing I'm so excited for is that now when
people ask me how many months I am here, I don't have to answer with
"oh..I've been here three weeks, not a month yet"  I can say "ONE MONTH!"
it's oddly invigorating.  Also, this "glow" ya'll keep telling me I have.
 That's called perspiration.  I think you forget that I live in 98 degree
weather with insane humidity.  ;)  I kid, I kid.  Thank you for saying
that.  It makes me feel better about being sweaty and gross all the time.
 ;)  We will be getting transfer calls on Monday.  Yeah, I've almost
finished my first transfer!  And we'll see if anything changes here.  So
that'll be a fun little surprise.  Secretly, I really want to serve with
Sister Passey for her last transfer, but I just don't know how that would
work out.  And lastly, if anyone wants to send me some easy recipes so I
can eat real food and not die I would love you.  I miss food.  And I am not
the greatest chef in the world.  Think Chicken or pork.  Anyways, I must
now leave.  I love you so much.  And until next week, stay strong!