Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Okay, this week has been such madness.  And I'll warn you before hand, my

computer that I'm at is ghetto fab and the keyboard barely works.  It's
jacking with my style.  So excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

Wednesday:  I decided that since there are so many lovely salons around
this city, I was going to go in and get my eyebrows done . Just a little
luxury since I don't have very much time.  So we walk into this nice
looking salon and the first thing I notice is that they don't sweep up hair
until the end of the day.  So we are just wading through all this hair and
I'm gagging as it gets in my shoes and sticks to my feet.  I tell them I
want to get my eyebrows waxed.  So this very...eccentric man  walks up to
me very excited to help me.  Mind you, his hair is halfway down his back,
and he has on some very lovely make up.  So then he asks me if we are
waxing my armpits or legs.  Excuse me?  I told him my eyebrows. He informs
me that he can't wax my eyebrows but he can SHAVE THEM.  Homeboy wanted to
shave my eyebrows. Everything bout his sounds like a completely terrible
idea.  I basically ran from the salon in fear. It was Sister Passey's
birthday on Wednesday, so we all went out to dinner at The Pancake House.
 So much delicious American food. I ate a ham and cheese.  This is a huge
deal because firstly, sandwiches do not exist here.  Secondly, cheese does
not exist here.  It was us four sisters that live together, and then a
senior couple named Elder an Sister Harris.  They ended up buying all of
our meals.  They are so sweet.

Thurday:  Nothing major happened other than we taught two of our IBD's
(Investigator with a Baptisimal Date)  they are set to be baptized on the
seventeenth of this month.  They are really cool, and have come a really
far way. Their names are George and Odyssey.  I have been working with
Odyssey for weeks to get him to quit smoking.  I buy him candy an then
trade him for his cigarettes.  I'm proud to say that as of one week, he has
not had a single cigarette. And, he took his earrings out and gave them to
me "for remembrance".  They are in my jewlery box haha.  They are solid
guys, and they are completely changing their lives for the gospel .  It's
really neat to see.

Friday:  I made the realization that I'm friends with all the important
people in life.  Aka, the lady who works at the tindera and I buy candy
from.  Her name is Fe.  I'm also friends with the lady at the bakery,
Eugene, who sells street meat, the lady who sells banana fritters, and the
lady who sells hot cakes.  They all know me by name.  Between them and the
kids, that's basically my friend circle here haaha.  We taught French woman
who came to the temple for a tour.  Her name is Grace.  We taught in
English.  Holy heck. I don't know how to  be a misionary in english or in
cebuano.  It's so awkward!  And then that night we saw a missionary waiting
at the temple for his parents to come.  Holy cow.  A taxi pulled up and he
thought it was his family.  His face was priceless. And I swear I felt
every emotion right there with him. No I didn't cry.  That would be

Saturday:   I realized that I have no become a party trick here in
Kamputhaw  The kids run past and sing a line from frozen an the wait for me
to sing the rest.  And now adults have started calling me Elsa too.  That
night we went to an activity with our ward.  It was for all RM's in our
ward.  our bishop invited us because we are future RM's of the Kamputhaw
ward.  It was really fun.  The bishops wife walked up to me and gave me a
hug and told me that I looked really good.  She told me that when I first
got here, I didn't know how to smile.  But now I know that Kamputhaw is my
family, and I know how to smile without even trying.  She's right . I have
such a great ward family here.  I love Kamputhaw.

Then there is Sunday.  Sunday was rough.  My first fast sunday here, Sister
Passey mentioned how fast sundays are always the worst.  It seems like
everything that could go wrong, does.  And it's just like the Lord is
testing you to see just how far you're wiling to go.  This Sunday proved
that.  No one came to church.  Odyssey and George weren't there.  We found
out later it was because they were hungover.  And Miles wasn't there
either.  There is a rule that you have to attend church four sundays in a
row before you can be baptized.  So their baptism on the seventeenth is now
moved back.  We went and checked on Miles and found out that she had some
pretty gnarly bruises on her arms that she was embarrassed about and didn't
want people at church to see.  She sat on the ground and cried because her
life is so hard right now.  They have absolutely no money for rice, or even
for soap to wash their clothes.  I sat next to her and held  her hand and
cried right along with her. Then I asked her if she wanted to wash my
clothes for me and I would pay her every week.  She jumped up and started
sobbing thanking me.  The laundromat we were going to kept losing my
clothes anyway.  I'd rather help someone I love.  We ran into her later
that night and she came up to me an gave me a hug an said "you really are
my sister, aren't you?".  Goodness, I love that woman so much.  That night
the four of us sisters made a huge break the fast feast.  Breakfast for
dinner.  Pancakes, eggs, potatos, ham, and tang with watermellon in it.  It
was beyond delicious.

Monday:  Monday was transfer day.  We knew that I wasn't going to get
transferred because new missionaries pretty much always stay with their
trainers for two transfers.  So they start writing the names of the new
sister missionaries coming in to our zone.  There are four companionships
in our zone.  So they write all the elders coming in, and then three
sisters.  They add a few more elders and then suddenly another sister.  So
we realize that Sister Rugg and I are going to be separated.  At this
point, we are thinking Sister Rugg is leaving.  NOPE.  They write my name
on the board to be transferred to Carcar.  it is about an hour South of
here. Doesn't it just sound like I belong there?  Then a crazy thing
happens.  They write that Sister Passey is being transferred to Carcar too
and we are going to be companions for her very last transfer!  We are white
washing an area, meaning we are basically starting from scratch with it.
 We have so much work to do.  If ever there was an opportunity to lose
myself, it'll be this transfer.  The back story of why this is such a
miracle, is that on Tuesday of last week I knelt down and offered one of
the most sincere prayers ofmy entire life.  I told Heavenly Father that
this mission is dang hard.  And that if there was any way at all that I
could serve with Sister Passey, I think I would be able to really change
and complete this mission just like the sister missionary that I always
wanted to be and become  I told him that I thought I could learn so much
from her.  But I knew there wasn't really a way for it to happen.  Well.
Miracles happen.  Dreams come true.  And God answers prayers.  The only
posible way for this to happen was for us to whitewash an area.  As I saw
President Schmutz he gave me a hug an asked me how I felt.  I told him
about my prayer, and he just looked at me and grinned and said "The Lord is
very aware of you Sister Beyer".  So the last two days have been insane
trying to pack and say all my goodbyes  I had to say goodbye to Miles and
that was one of the hardest things ever.  I bore my testimony to her at the
end of the lesson and she just sobbed.  She looked at me with tears
streaming down her face and told me that from the second I walked into her
house, she knew that there was a god, and she knew that he loved her.  She
thanked me for changing her life, and promised me she would keep fighting
and get baptized.  Gosh, I love that woman.  Tonight we get to go to dinner
at the bishops house to say goodbye, and I have to say goodbye to MikMik
too.  I'm sad, but also so excited for this new adventure.  Alright, I'm
out of time.  I'll talk to you on SUUUUNDAY!   I can't wait.  But you can't
make fun of me if I have an accent.  Oh also, I might look a litle bit like
a creep because you raise your eyebrows a lot here.  Like to answer yes to
a question or something. And if you can't hear, you want someone to repeat
or you don't understand, you just open you rmouth really wide.  I'm just
giving you fair warnings haha.  This is now totally normal for me here.
 Also fun fact, Sister Rugg got a picture of her brother standing with
President Obama the other day.  He was serving in Iraq and got shot in the
leg, so President Obama visited him.
We are gettin ready to head to the zoo right now!  It's only 20 pesos.
 Which is basiaclly 50 cents.  And rumor has it I get to hold a snake AND
sit on an alligator.  I'm stoked.  Pictures to follow.  I love you all so
much. I'll talk to you on Sunday from CARCAR!  :)

Love, Carlee

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