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Alright.  I cannot even begin to tell you how chaotic my current situation is.  It goes as follows.  I'm in an internethan, there are millions of children playing games and screaming, way too much music is being blasted and shooting games are up so loud.  This email might not be my best haha.  But this week was once again really good!  
Okay, let's run through this haha!  
Wednesday:  We love pday.  Sister Passey and I love to adventure.  We both love it so much here, and we don't want to waste any time because she only has so much time left.  We also both adore lunch.  So for lunch we went and got siomai, they are little dumplings kind of like potstickers.  Now, I have told you all how I really love the food here, and the softdrinks, but I have been holding back from you.  I love the way you eat these said foods. You eat with your hands a lot, or a spoon.  However, if your somewhere where there isn't a place to wash your hands, they give you a tiny plastic bag that you put over your hand and eat with a bag over your hand.  It's so much fun.  And somehow taste better.  And softdrinks!  Most drinks are in glass bottles that they reuse.  So if you don't drink it right there, they pour it in a little plsatic bag for you and give you a straw.  I adore it.  Also there are no drinking fountains, but they have peso water.  So you put a peso in, grab a plastic bag, and fill it with water.  I can't tell you how much peso water I've enjoyed.  Sister Passey promised me that she would be at the airport waiting for me with a softdrink in a bag in hand, with a straw.  That night we had splits with the Sister Training Leaders so we got on a bus and ventured to Naga!  It is about an hour away from here.  We slept at their house and had a really good time that night.  
Thursday:  We woke up and all did our studies together, I went out and worked in Naga with Sister Forbush.  I've talked about her before, she is so cute.  We decided that we must serve together!  We worked really well together and had a lot of fun. Every night in our mission we do this thing called "Shining Moments" it is so cheesy, but we all love it.  At the end of the night you just share something that you liked abut your companion that day.  Man, Thursday night with the STL's we all shared something about the others. It's really cool to be in this situation.  It's cool to have so many people working toward the same things and striving to better each other.  They said some really nice things about me.  They all said that I don't seem like I'm in training.  THey said that they feel like I've been on my mission for months now.  I've really grown and changed in the last month.  I'm really proud of where I've been, where I've come from and what I've become.  I love that nobody looks at me as a greenie, that's such a huge compliment.  That night we weren't able to go home, because we were going to be late.  So we slept at their house again.  They had to finish planning, and Sister Passey and I were already done.  We didn't want to eat without them, so we laid on the kitchen floor (seriously, we never use chairs) and waiting for them to finish planning.  Except they had to do STL stuff, so sister passey and I laid on the floor and joked for forty minutes about how we were obviously going to starve to death and perish. At one point Sister Passey looks at me with such desperation and says "I would kill for a leaf right now!" she's ridiculous. Five minutes later they came down and we feasted on rice and tuna and curry.  Why do I love the food here so much?  
Friday: Friday the stress was running real high.  It was insane.  We woke up at5:00 to get on a bus to get back to our house on time to start studies.  We had Marivic's baptism that day, so we had to be lookin fly.  As we start our studies, Marivic texts us and tells us that Satan is working so hard on her, but she is just praying and trying to make it to the baptism but she was called into work.  She promised that she would come straight from work, but would be late and could we bring her a towell.  Man, the stress was unreal.  We prayed so hard all day for that woman.  We had a lesson go a little long, so we were running late to a lesson.  We needed to teach this lesson, but we were also cutting it close to gettign to the baptism on time.  So what did we do?  We start RUNNING down the street.  Our hair is flying, sweat is pouring, so much for looking gwapa.  We got to the lesson and both of our curly haired heads are such afros.  But all worked out.  We taught the lesson, we got to the baptism on time, and we fixed our hair in the bathroom hahaha.  Marivic was about an hour late.  But man I have never seen anything more beautiful than that woman's smile as she walked into the church.  We got her changed into her baptism outfit and took some pictures.  Man, being a missionary is so great.  It was so worth it to see her come out of the water crying.  To hear her bear her testimony.  She just shined so bright.  Janene, another one of our investigators was there sitting next to me, she looked over at me and said "It feels so good here.  She is so so happy" and i just told her that's because it's the Holy Ghost. That's because it's true.  Janene is so excited to get baptized in ten days!  As Sister Passey and I were walking around that night we were talking about how we will never be the same.  This mission has changed us.  It has made us so much better.  It is hard, and it will continue to be the hardest thing we've ever done, but man is it so worth it.  We had a really cool moment that night after we were planning.  She shared Mosiah 18:30 with me, and changed the words to say  "And now it came to pass that all this was done in The Philippines, yea, by the waters of Cebu, in the forest that was near the waters of Cebu; yea, the place of Carcar, the waters of Carcar, the forest of Carcar, how beautiful are they to the eyes of them who there came to the knowledge of their Redeemer; yea, and how blessed are they, for they shall sing to his praise forever" we read this together and just cried.  How true is this?  How true is this for all of our wonderful investigators and also for us?  The gospel is so so good. That night to celebrate we decided to have a cook off and pretend we were reality chef stars.  We made a delicious Filipino meal and then discovered that the other sisters have a hot water device in their shower!  But they've never used it.  Soooo we may have used it in secret and it was bliss.  BLISS I TELL YOU!  
Saturday a beautiful thing happened.  We packed a picnic and went out to the beach in one of our areas and ate a picnic!  And Sister Passey surprised me by bringing a mango!  Beaches and mangos!  It actually happened!  Oh,and for the record, the fiesta is still continuing near our house.  It continues to get bigger and bigger every night.  Send help.  
Sunday.  Sunday was fast sunday, so we had the opportunity to talk about all the people we wanted to fast for and all the things we wanted to ask for help for. We wrote down a list and then decided what we would focus on.  We went to church and I swear everyone came to church!  So many less actives we have been working with!  Investigators galour!  And Clark!  The cute little 13 year old boy came back AGAIN!  One of our less active members brought her little brand new baby tochurch and he was blessed. And Marivic recieved the Holy Ghost.  The had a special musical number and a woman sang "His Hands" by Kenneth Cope.  it was so powerful.  There was not a dry eye in the chapel, the spirit was so strong that the woman could barely finish the song as she sang about Christ's hands pierced and bleeding for us.  Sister Passey looked over at me at the end of church and said "I feel like I just ate a cloud of happiness and heaven" seriously what a nerd.  
Monday Sister Passey had to go to Cebu for a conference.  So I got to hang out with a member of the ward and play missionary by myself.  Same with Tuesday.  It was just a blur.  It basically goes as follows, I had to figure out where to go and what to teach and how to say it and how to get there.  It was beyond stressful! Tears may have been shed.  However, I did it!  And I'm so proud!  She is now back and all is well in the world haha.  But, when she goes home, she will leave on Sunday to go to the mission office, and I won't get a companion until thursday, so I'll work with Mona again.  Please pray for me!  Man, the time is going by so fast.  I have a week and a half left with Sister Passey.  I can't even think about that.  I hate that I won't see her for 14 months.  Where did this transfer go!  Time is flying!  I'm almost at four montsh!  AAHH!!  Oh also, you are all in trouble for putting me speaking Visaya on facebook.  I'm so embarassed!  What do the comments say! I have Filipino friends who will listen and laugh!  Alright, alright, I love you dearly.  I'll talk to you soon!  I love you!  
Love, Carlee 

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