Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurrah for Isreal

 I literally jumped into a ditch in the middle of a lesson to save this baby goat. 

  Yes.  That is dried fish.  

The blue house.  

 Our rockin skirts AND our Harry Potter necklaces.  We're obsessed.  
Look who I found!  
 My last picture with the Schmutz's.  Man, I love these people.  I love them.  They changed me.  And I'm really happy now. 

Clark and gang.  

 Our Zone
Clark and gang at FHE.  

The new trio!  #dreamteam

Man, before I start this email I just want to tell everyone how much I love you all.  I really love you and appreciate all of your emails and support.  I know it's frustrating to write a missionary and have them not be able to write back very much.  I print off every email and go home and re read them.  We just have such a limited amount of time, but I try to answer questions in the large email.  But thank you so much.  I was thinking that I'm going to start sharing some of the cool spiritual things I learn throughout the week more.  I really have grown to adore my personal study. And I'velearned some really cool things that I think could help some of you lovelies as I read your emails.  So this week is all about Hurrah for Isreal.  :)  
Last Wednesday sister passey and I were a little sad because it's just coming so fast.  She goes home so soon.  And we hate it.  So we may have gone on a mild shopping spree.  We bought some rocking matching pajamas.  They are hello kitty, they are like those little nightgown dresses that little girls wear, but adult sized and so asian.  We cried with laughter over them.  I also bought the most perfect nanay dress.  It is what all the adorable old nanays wear here.  It is basically a moomoo.  And I will come home and rock it all around the house and you will all judge me but I will regret nothing!  Nothing I say!  We went and wandered around the mercado to see what treasures we could find there.  We took some pictures of plenty of raw meat and all the crazy foods.  Then we went on an adventure to try to find some jesus sandals.  Carcar is known for their handmade shoes.  But we have big american feet, so alas, none of the sandals fit us.  They are really nice though, they're leather and handmade, so I'll continue the adventure, or maybe I'll get them custom made.
Thursday we had our zone training meeting.  It was so good.  It was all about temples, we were able to learn so much more about the temples and the blessings that come from them.  Man, I have such a testimony of temples.  They are so amazing, and we are so blessed that we have them.  Especially all of us who live in Utah, seriously, we need to utilize the blessings of the temples more often.  So, there is this man named Boyett.  We met this man in a mango tree.  Yes, you heard me right, we found this man climbing in a mango tree picking mangos.  We found out that he was a less active member.  We did some detective work and hunted down his house.  He has been hiding from missionaries for years, and has been inactive for over ten years.  He's only in his 30's.  So we found him and taught him this great lesson, it was seriously so good.  Now a little bit of backstory, in weekly planning we made some companionship goals for the week, and one of them was "hurrah for israel"  we just really wanted to send this week out right, we wanted to just be able to stand and proclaim HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!  Well, about two or three hours after we left Boyett, he texted us and told us that he has spent years hiding from the missionaries, but we found him in a mango tree, and he knows that it's time that he stops this madness.  He said that we were sent from God.  Sister Passey read the text, and just turned to me with the biggest smile and said Boyett is coming back!  And then as we were hiking through a dang jungle, she just throws her fist in the air and yells "Hurrah for Israel!"  I know it's cheesy, I'll own up to that, but I couldn't help grinning from ear to ear.  That's what it's all about.  There's something so cool about a mission. About being surrounded by these wonderful people every day who are working towards the same things that you are.  To be with someone (your companion) who wants the same things, to just not even pay attention to yourself and just work so hard to help others.  And then when you can actually help them, and you can see that change in them, man, it's hard to not just yell HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!  That night we went and taught Clark, our little 13 year old boy.  He had his brother and cousin there.  We sang I am a Child of God and then they took turns reading the Book of Mormon.  There is nothing more sweet than that.  These boys are so special.  Sister Passey and I left just smiling.  This work feels so good.  
Friday, not a ton happened, we just worked and hiked through the jungle and did the same old thing.  We loved it though haha.  We were able to see Austrailia though haha.  One of our investigators has a boyfriend who lives in Austrailia and she skyped him and then he wanted to show us his house.  So, I saw Australia while I was chilling in the Philippines.  It's fine.  
Saturday Sister Passey and I decided that we needed siomai again.  Because we are obsessed.  You just wait until I come home.  I will have Filipino night with anyone who will join with me.  Family, you are required to be in full attendance. We will eat Filipino food, and yes, there will be softdrinks and we shall eat with our hands.  The boys will love it.  And you will all be good sports and humor me because I'm going to be so happy about it.  Janene had her baptism interview and she passed!  She is set for baptism on Saturday!  I'm so excited because Janene is my first investigator who I have taught from the very begininng.  It's going to be so special.  We had a dinner appointment that night at the Pinpin's house.  Man, remember before how I didn't eat dark meat chicken?  And I didn't do bones?  yeah, well I don't even care now.  They gave us this chicken that was freshly butchered and I was just nommin dark meat and spitting out bones.  I ate so much food.  Also, they gave me and Sister Passey each a skirt to wear to church the next day haha.  Then we go and visit Rose, the woman who chased us on her motor.  We get there and she is cooking.  Oh no.  She fills up a plate with an amount of rice overly sufficient for two people.  Sister Passey and I think we are sharing that, and we are concerned over the amount because there is just so much.  Oh no, she hands that straight to me.  We each had this giant amount of rice, and then we put lechon baboy on it, which is like roasted pig stomach.  It was so so good. I looked at Sister passey and just said "challenge accepted".  I proudly say I ate every grain of rice on my plate.  I have no idea how I ate all of that food.  It was so much, but it was dang delicious.  I love all food here.  As we were walking home, it had rained, and we were literally hiking through mud.  Our shoes are so covered haha.  We were slipping and sliding everywhere.  One day I'm going to biff it and be covered in mud.  
Sunday was so great.  Sister Passey was playing the piano for church, and I was standing in the doorway.  All of the sudden I see Clark and his brother and cousin come sprinting into the chapel, brandishing their book of mormon above their head yelling "sister beyer!" I immediately started crying.  These boys are so special.  Sister Passey looked up at them and she started crying too.  I can't explain these boys, but they are just so loved by their Heavenly Father.  They are so so special.  Also remember my first email from Carcar when I talked about the family who makes shoes for a living?  I bought some dang cute flats from them.  They made the entire thing!  
Monday we woke up and went jogging to our spot.  We have a favorite spot on this incomplete overpass that looks over the jungle and a river.  We go up there every morning and just talk and think.  It's beautiful.  We've had some good talks up there.  We taught Marivic (our recent convert) about temples and she just lit up.  She wants the temple so badly.  I have a feeling I"ll see that woman dressed in white in the temple in the next forteen months.  And then we went to go to try to teach some other people.  We got punted by two people, and so we stopped and tried to figure out where to go next.  We were standing in the middle of this huge field when this 20 something girl yells over to us from across thefield "where are you going?"  We looked at each other and said "well, that's what we're trying to figure out!" she just said simply, "come over here with me."  We were just like okay what?  She looked so familiar to us, but we had never met her before.  We started walking with her and talking to her.  We asked her if we could teach her right there and then.  She said yes and took us to her house.  Her name is Yola.  It was such a cool lesson.  And I have a feeling this woman is so so prepared.  We didn't find this woman, she found us.  In the middle of a field.  God really does have a plan for everything .  I can promise you that.  
Tuesday the main thing that happened was the the AP's called us and told us that Sister Littel (remember I talked about her before) was going to be added to our companionship the next day.  Her companion is sick and is in the hospital.  So we are now a trio, and Sister Littel will stay with me once Sister Passey leaves and I get my new companion.  BLESSINGS.  We both adore Sister Littel, and I was so nervous about next week.  So it'll be so great to have someone with me who can help me and is a missionary.  
Yesterday wasn't pday, because we got to go to Cebu for Zone Conference.  Everyone on Cebu Island was there, it was so cool.  It was also the farewell conference for President Schmutz.  They leave in two weeks. Sister Passey was asked to get up and bare her testimony.  Man, my companion and mission president leave within two weeks of eachother.  Rude.  It was so great though. It was such a spiritual day.  They fed us such good food too (you know I'm a sucker for food.  come on, fresh crab I was in heaven) President and Sister Schmutz just got up and cried.  They told us that they truly feel like every single one of us are their children.  Isn't that true.  They have had 538 missionaries.  They are such special people.  They told us that we are in a cool situation because we are the end of one generation, and the start of a new one.  It was so sad, because all of us will never be in the same place ever again.  President looked at us as he cried and he just said "You live your life so that you can be at the reunion in the Celestial Kingdom.  Don't you miss out on that reunion" I have met some incredible people here.  Man, I am so sad to say goodbye to Sister Passey this week.  But I'm excited to have Sister Littel here, and to get a new companion this week.  Pray for me though, alright?  It's going to be a week full of change, and that might be a little hard.  Mainly, I'm just really going to miss seeing Sister Passey.  I'll talk to you so soon.  Hurrah for Israel!   I love you all.
Sister Beyer

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