Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Be Strong and Do it.

And somehow the time keeps going by, and somehow we arrive at yet another p-day.  This week has been a crazy one, as per usual.  
Wednesday:  We ran into Sister Littell and Sister Ramos and decided to all eat lunch together.  We ate siomai and all was well in the world.  We also may have gone on a tiny bit of a shopping spree.  I bought this ridiculous fab dress.  I never would have wore it back home, but I love it here.  I wore it to Zone Interviews hahaha.  I'll send a picture.  Sister Littell and I also bought matching t shirts.  They are ridiculous.  They are striped, they have buttons in the shape of cartoon apples, and they have crocheted  cross stitch pockets with a teddy bear on it and some weird union symbol.  It looks like every 1st grade teacher's dream.  It is so incredibly Filipino.  We bought them, we are wearing them today and we are just looking dreamy together.  I'll send pictures, I swear.  I printed off millions of pictures last week and we went and visited Linda.  She is so dang cute, she now just calls me anak.  Every time I see her, she jsut calls me her child.  I love her so dang much.
Thursday:  We had our zone interviews.  I was able to meet President McCurdy again and his sweet sweet wife.  They walked in and I just loved them both so fully so immediately.  It was such a cool feeling.  I know that we are supposed to be here together.  President came up and shook my hand and told me how excited he was to see "sister beyers" again.  He calls me Sister Beyers and I don't have the heart to correct him, it's kinda cute haha.  Sister McCurdy came in and just gave us the biggest mom hug ever and I immediately was hooked on her.  She talked to us and told us that they have been praying for us for months, and loved us before they even met us.  President talked to us and told us a little about them.  This is their fourth mission, but their first time as a president.  They've been married for 46 years.  They're from Idaho and are just cute as can be.  He talked a lot about how missions are hard, and that's exactly how they are supposed to be.  This was never supposed to be easy.  It wasn't easy for the Savior, and we wear His name on our chest, so it surely won't be easy for us.  But dang it, it's worth it.  We went in to have our interviews, and I met with Sister McCurdy first.  She asked me how long I had been on my mission and I told her I just hit 5 months.  This cute old woman jumped out of her chair and hugged me she was so excited!  I told her we had 13 more months together, and she told me that we had a lot to accomplish together.  We sat down and we talked about this place.  We both ended up just crying as we talked about how much we love this place, and the wonderful people who live here.  I went in to have my interview with President McCurdy, and it was so great.  He just asked a few questions, and then he asked a question right before ending.  He pointed to a picture of the Savior and asked "Who is this man to you" of course I just started crying, and I told him I didn't even have words.  He told me that was a good enough answer for him haha.  But I talked to him about how I've really come to know my Savior on my mission.  Especially in Carcar.  This isn't just a fairy tale story, the Savior is so real.  And I realize that now.  I am so grateful to wear his name on my chest every day and to be His missionary.  We went out to lunch after interviews and I walked in with a bunch of missionaries to this fast food restaraunt called Jollibees, and the woman behind the counter looked at me and said "HI Sister Passey!"  haha WHAT.  I literally wear a nametag that blatantly states my name.  Secondly, how do you know Sister Passey?  Thirdly, WHAT.  We all had a good laugh about that.  I'll take it as a compliment.  That dang girl is somehow still all over Carcar.  I also got such a sweet letter from Sister Anderson's mom.  She sent a bunch of pictures from us at the MTC and just talked about how we are going to be friends for life.  It was ridiculously adorable.  She is the perfect example of an adorable Utah mom.  
Friday:  Friday was a good day, we taught Rodrod to help him get ready for his baptism, we taught the Repollos who we teach every week, and then we just got punted like crazy.  We got punted for three hours of our plans, so we had three hours wide open.  We just started walking and prayed that we would find what we needed to do.  We turned down this street and there I see my adorable little Less Active Sister Lana.  She was the one whose daughter I met in Kamputhaw.  She was cutting her "grass" with a dang machette.  So I just run over to her and drop my bag and take the machette and start cutting her grass.  I loved it.  She fought me on it, but secretly I knew that she loved the help.  So for an hour we cut her grass her a machette.  So many people just came and stared at the American in a skirt cutting grass.  It felt so good to be dirty, and to smell like grass.  It felt like home.  I just sat and talked to her and practiced my Visaya.  It was perfect because the bishop has asked us to do four service projects a transfer for members, so it was just perfect.  After we ran into her house and took all of her empty water jugs and ran over to the well and filled up her water jugs and washed ourselves off.  She was so "mad" at us for taking her water jugs, but she had a big old smile on her face.  My mission is really rad sometimes haha.  
Saturday:  We taught Janine and all of her friends who she is being a missionary to.  There are four of them we teach with Janine.  We call them J-Gang.  Janine is about to pop any day she is so dang pregnant!  We asked them what song they wanted to sing.  they said Joy to the World.  haha deal.  So we sang Joy to the World in the middle of July.  That night we had a really crazy situation.  To make a long story short, there was a misunderstanding with me, the zone leaders, and the district leaders, and Boyett and his family.  It was just about the rules for baptizing a child, but it was really stressfull for a minute.  All is totally well now, but for a minute, I realized just how heavy this calling is.  Just how important this calling is.  This isn't a game.  These are lives and souls that I'm sent here to help.  And I'm just a 21 year old kid! Sometimes this calling is a little overwhelming.  But it worked out really well, and I tell you what, we all learned a lot from that situation.  
Sunday:  I was able to finish the Doctrine and Covenants.  I love that book, it is so beautiful.  I love that I get to read as much as I do here.  I love the things I learn.  As we were walking that day, a motorcycle passed us with four grown men and a chicken on it.  Wecome to the Philippines.  We had our "family dinner" that night and it was basically just anything we could throw together.  It was so random, but so dang good.  That night Sister Michelson and I started talking, and we accidentally stayed up until midnight just talking about life.  It's really cool, because I never would have known her without this mission.  We are both so different, we come from totally different worlds, even though she's just from Weber.  We never would have gotten to know each other without this mission.  This mission is our common thread, and just about the only thing we have in common, so it's just so cool to see how I get to know so many different people here.  
Monday:  We had the last District Meeting before transfer calls!  Transfer calls are next Monday, I feel like I'm going to be transferred.  My official guess is that I'll be heading over to the other island, Negros, and if you want to get specific, my guess is Tanjay (okay, I have no idea, it's just fun to guess) but I do think that I'll get a little Filipina companion!  The time is night for a Native companion!  Filipino Revolution!  We had an FHE at Nanay Naveo's house, she fed us dinner and then hugged me and asked me to please not transfer.  Okay, I love this woman.  I may have picked her up and spun her in a circle on Sunday...she's 65 hahaha.  Don't judge me! 
Tuesday:  I finished the Pearl of Great Price!  I can now say that I've read every word of my Book of Mormon.  I had never read the Pearl of Great Price, but it is so great!  It blew my mind!  We had a really fun opportunity from the bishopric to hand out Liahona's to people who ordered them.  But here's the thing, there are NO addresses in the Philippines.  So they sent us to the Mercado with 20 Liahona's.  The Mercado is huge.  There are so many people and vendors.  It's just like a giant flea market!  And we had to go and find these people.  But it was actually really fun, we found them surprisingly fast, and all was well in the world.  Yesterday was really good, we taught a lot of good lessons, were fed millions of snacks, and we hiked through a jungle in a new part of our area and found some great people who want to be taught.  I love my mission.  We taught someone who I have been working with for two transfers.  She just cried and told us about how hard her life is.  It is, it really is.  And I just felt so inadequate to do this.  How do I help these wonderful people, you know?  This calling is huge, so much bigger than I ever realized.  As I left she gave me a hug, and then told me "I love you Sister Passey" hahahaha gosh dang it!  Sister Passey, how are you still everywhere!  I'll take the compliment.  I love Sister Passey too.  We got a motor to take us home, and this random man starts flirting so hard with me.  He's in his 40's.  He proposed to me.  Three times.  As in, he literally begged me to marry him.  Everyone here is obsessed with our noses because they are taas or 'tall' and that is very desireable here.  As I paid him for giving us a ride he told me "your nose is very tall and sexy, please marry me" okay, well, thank you goOODBYE.  
Today we are headed to Sibonga for a zone activity on the beach!  I'm stoked.  I'm wearing skinny jeans and vans and my ugly shirt sister littell and I bought.  And some sick knock off raybans.  Aka, Hello Carlee, long time no see.  I'm really excited!  Next email you'll be finding out where I'm going to be for the next six weeks!  Oh, and a mind blowing fact:  Sister Horn is now off of her mission.  She is now Meredith.  How is it that the missionary who got me on a mission is now home and I'm out here.  Life is so crazy.  
Gahhh, I have a study I want to share so badly, but it won't be able to suffice in the time I have.  So I want to share a really cool scripture with you.  1st Chronicles 28:8-10.  Go ahead and take a look at that.  I had a friend send it to me and I loved it.  No matter what we're going through, just be strong and do it.  Just do it.  I was raised to know that "if you say you're going to do something, do it right".  That's how I feel on this mission.  You just be strong and do it.  And you do it right.  I love you all.  I miss you buckets.  

Sister Carlee Beyer

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