Tuesday, August 5, 2014

D&C 45:62

You can take Carcar out of Carcar but you can't take Carcar out of Carcar.  I don't really know what that means.  It's supposed to be poetic and deep and meaningful.  Obviously, I failed.  Take it for what it's worth.  I tried for days to come up with sometthing better than that haha.  
Wednesday!  My last day in Carcar.  It was nuts.  We went to a huge shoe outlet where they have this GIANT shoe and bought some hand made leather sandals.  Carcar is known for their handmade shoes.  Also chicarron, which is deep fried pig skin.  I stuck with the sandals.  But they are perfect and I looove them.  We went to Gaisanos to have siomai and zagut gulaman one last time.  As we were half way through eating a ton of food, we get a text from Nanay Naveo inviting us over to a spaghetti party that she is throwing me because I'm leaving.  The invitation was for one hour.  We were so full, but we went to the spaghetti party and ate way too much food and nearly perished from the sheer amount of spaghetti.  I love that dang family.  It was hard to say goodbye.  Sister Littell and Sister Ramos came to pick me up and I said goodbye to my companion, and the sisters I live with and my perfect blue house and we loaded up all my stuff and headed up to say goodbye to Linda.  It was hard.  There were tears, and hugs, and lots of "see you soons"  I love that woman so so endlessly.  We were trying to figure out how we were going to get all three of us, and all of my stuff in one trike to Sibonga without it costing us a fortune.  And lo and behold a tender mercy of the heavens, Brother Repollo showed up on his chappy, and was willing to give us a ride to Sibonga.  We dropped off my stuff and were able to teach that night in Sibonga.  I love worknig with Sister Littell.  She is such a good missionary.  That night her and I accidentally stayed up until nearly two am talking about life.  I really love that girl.  We just talked about the mission, things we have gone through, our lives before and how we have changed.  I think we both really needed it.  It'll be hard to not see that dang girl every week.  I really love her, and we are just so similar.  She is one of my absolute best friends here in the mission.  
Thursday I woke up and had to repack AGAIN.  I dislike packing.  We had to get my stuff to the bus stop.  I have way too much stuff.  We had one suitcase ON TOP of a chappy, and I was literally clinging to another on the back of a motor.  The man just balanced my suitcase on the motor and i was clinging to it for dear life!  All was well, we got to the bus stop and I had to say goodbye to Sister Littell.  I hate goodbyes.  And then I found out that my companions for the day...are elders.  Send help!  My companions were two elders.  We rode two busses, and then got to the dock and lo and behold MORE ELDERS.  I was with about ten elders, I was the only sister.  We sat on the dock for about an hour and I just looked out at the ocean and wrote in my journal.  I also got a sweet sunburn along the way.  We got on the ferry and crossed the big blue!  It was about a two hour ride.  Two hours being the only sister can be a little long.  You can only talk to elders for so long.  So I went and sat along the rail and talked to this 60 year old woman for about 45 minutes.  We talked about the church, and I got to really practice my visaya.  And then alas, we made it to Negros!  My new kingdom.  Sister Bateman and I saw each other (fun fact, we were in the same district my first transfer in Carcar, so we know each other pretty well) and we ran to each other and hugged each other.  it was picturesque, it was movie worthy.  We went home to drop off my luggage and they made a big sign and hung it on the door welcoming me.  Cuties.  We taught some lessons and she showed me around a bit.  We taught a lesson in a nipa hut that overlooks the ocean.  Literally, the ocaen was under us.  I don't really know why yet, but it just feels like this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.  
Friday:  I unpacked AGAIN and then met the sisters we live with.  I get to live with the Sister Training Leaders AGAIN.  (dreams).  I live with Sister Tandiman (from Indonesia) and Sister Minguez (Filipina).  They are both such amazing sisters.  They are both kind of legends in the mission.  So I get to learn so much from them.  The trikes here are HUGE.  They fit about 10 people in them.  They are so confusing.  I'll have to take a picture.  We went out to a far place in our area called Guadalupe.  We drove through sugar cane fields for miles.  Just as far as the eye can see are sugar can fields.  I feel like I'm in a totally different mission.  It is nothing like Cebu island.  That night there was a brown out.  Which just means a power outage.  It happens a lot here.  So we planned by candle light.  And then I remembered that rad flashlight dad bought me.  That thing is so freaking bright!  I sent it up in the middle of our room adn it was like a lamp!  The only downside of the brownout, was no electric fan.  It was so dang hot thta night to sleep.  Seriously, 95 degrees.  It was unreal!  
Saturday:  I set up "my area" at my desk. All my quotes and pictures, it's officially home now.  I also got all sorts of crafty like dad, and figured out a way to hang my slippers from Linda on my wall.  The walls are concrete.  I may have sewn duct tape to the back of my slippers and then taped them to the wall, it was such a process, totally worth it.  We taught all day along the ocean.  It isn't gorgeous beaches, but it's the ocean.  I can hear the waves and see the ocean and so I have no complaints.  I love it.  Also, we ride around in Trisikads all the time.   They are like little rickshaws on bikes.  Just like, a bicycle.  
Sunday:  Another brown out!  Restoration pamphlets make the very best fans.  We are a branch out here, so we aren't quite a ward yet.  It's a little different, but it' good.  Our apartment is nice, but it's different.  We cook outside.  I'm back to the good old bucket showers.  And I get to hand wash my laba again.  :)  The joys of life haha.  
Monday:  Happy Birthday Mom!  We had our district meeting and there are only four sisters in our whole zone, and only three americans!  Totally different to me.  My District Leader is Elder Smiler, he was my district leader in Carcar too!  Three transfers now we've been together.  He gives such good workshops though.  We went to lunch and a place called "Moms"  I thought that was fitting.  And in honor of your birthday, I ordered a buko (coconut) shake.  It's crazy, because during district meeting they had all the older missionaries teach the new missionaries.  And they had ME teach some new missionaries.  What.  When did I stop being new in the mission?  Life happens fast!
Tuesday:  Not a lot happened.  We just taught a lot of lessons, and I tried to figure out the new area and remember all the people.  We came home last night and I had to grab something out of one of my suitcases and I found gummy candy from Ashley from the MTC.  We took it out and feasted upon it.  Such a lucky treasure.  
So it's been a crazy week.  I read this scripture as I was leaving Carcar and it just struck me.  It's simple, but I believe it.  I know I'm supposed to be here in San Carlos.  There is so much work to be done.  I feel like I'm just going to change and grow so dang much.  I love that I get to be up here in this uncharted land.  This is so new to our mission!  And I really feel like this scripture just sums up the next year of my life.  I have no idea what is going to happen. Where I will live, who I'll live with, or what miracles I'll see.  But I know one thing.  Great things await.  It almost feels like an adventure novel doesn't it?  Sometiems my mission feels like an adventure novel.  I love you all so much.  Stay strong.  I believe in Christ, so come what may, right?  

Love, Sister Carlee Beyer

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