Monday, July 21, 2014

Flying Kiss Na Lang.

I apologize in advance, this is probably going to be a little shorter than usual.  I just had a lot to do today, and I'm running really short on time right now.  But I'll do my best to tell you everything that I want to tell you about.  
Last Wednesday Sister Mahoney and I decided to go on some adventures.  It was her first pday in Carcar, so I had to show off all the fun things in this beloved area.  We of course went to the Mercado and looked at all the crazy things there, bought some knock off raybans and had a grand old time, I took her to Gaisanos, which is where we grocery shop and buy wonderful nanay dresses and ridiculous clothes, and then we went to Save More!  Save More is a brand new grocery store and it is truly quite the event here in Carcar.  Everyone is obsessed, so are we.  Welcome to the joys of a mission, you love a new grocery store haha.  I printed off some pictures and copied some of the family picture I have and the picture of me and mom in front of the temple.  Cute little old Linda asked if she could have them.  She wanted the picture of the famiy, and me and mom in front of the temple.  She has them hanging on her wall.  Goodness, I really love that woman. Also, we got the news that Jessica (the woman who Sister Passey and I went and visited last transfer because she was passing away) had passed away.  I was so filled with love for that woman, and I know that she is exactly where she wanted to be, in the embrace of her Heavenly Father.  I was so filled with gratitude for the opportunity we had to go and be Christ's hands for her that day.
Thursday:  There were huge fireworks at 1:00 in the morning.  As in, fourth of july fireworks.  They were shaking our house!  So, happy fourth of july after all.  We were scheduled to have our zone interviews that day, but President McCurdy got sick and so they were cancelled.  So we went out and started teaching.  We went to Janene and she is just the best ever.  She rounded up all her family and friends for us to teach.  We taught four people at her house.  And as we walk up, her little sister Jolina runs out and hands me a piece of paper with a scripture on it.  I ask her what it is, and she told me it's from Sister Passey.  They had been chatting on facebook earlier that morning, and Sister Passey told her to give it to me next time she saw me.  I read the scripture and immediately started crying.  That dang girl.  She's on the other side of the world, and she still somehow knows exactly what I need and when I need it.  I love her.  And that day was amazing because we didn't get punted once!  I cannot tell you the last time that happened.  I am pretty sure it was the first time this entire transfer!  That night we packed up and went to Naga for exchanges.
Friday:  We worked in Naga, I went out with Sister Yanga who happens to by my Lola (grandma) in the mission.  I know I swore I would never get into this whole your trainer is your mother thing, but I'll amdit, I love it.  So Sister Yanga is my Lola because she trained sister Rugg who trained me.  It's kind of fun.  And I could see things in her that she taught Sister Rugg who then taught me.  It was so great.  We hiked up a mountain and could see the whole ocean, and then we got into a little rickshaw thing and cruised over to the beach.  We talked to some people over looking the ocean, and all made sense in the world.  We went and taught this lesson that was just really a game changer.  We taught these three sisters who are all blind because of a genetic problem.  We walked in and they were so excited.  We asked them what they wanted to sing, and they said "my favorite song.  Because I have been given much" these three women belted it as we sat in their beautiful tiny home on the floor.  We asked them why that was their favorite song and they listed all their many many blessings, and the biggest blessing they listed was their ability to memorize.  They can't read the scriptures, but they are really good at memorizing.  So they just memorize the scriptures, and they each took turns sharing their favorite scripture.  It was so powerful.  That lesson was a gamechanger that I will never forget.  It was also 7/11 on Friday, so naturally we went to 7/11 and bought ice cream to celebrate.  We went back and I had my interview with the STL's, and then we had shining moments.  They are so great, and they always know exactly what to say and how to help.     
Saturday was my five month mark!  It was really busy, but it was good.  We taught Clark, Rodrod, and the Pinpins.  We went to ward family home evening that night as well.  This ward is just so great.  This place is just so great.  We went home and made pancakes and celebrated my five month mark and all just laughed and talked.  
Sunday was an interesting day for sure.  I've been listening to Kenneth Cope a lot in the mornings and it's been so great.  We went to church and in walks Linda, happy as can be, and Rodrod as well.  These people are so good.  And then in walks my sassy little less active Enimissio.  I looked at Sister Mahoney and just thought, "it's a good day to be a missionary of Jesus Christ".  Although we did experience some really discouraging news with one of our recent converts, I know it'll all work out.  It's just the faith showing part right now.  I know that she'll be able to overcome this trial that she is having.  
Monday, as per usual, I adore the sisters in my district and I love district meeting.  Sister Rugg and Sister Littell just save me.  I need these sisters.  They are so special to me.  We went and worked with Nanay Naveo and she just took us around to all of her neighbors and insisted on buying us snacks and giving us 50 million hugs.  I love that woman with all of my heart as well.  
Tuesday:  I apparently survived my first typhoon?  All day yesterday people kept telling us about Typhoon Glenda.  #survivor #typhoonglenda2k14 It barely even sprinkled where we were.  So that was really neat haha.  We ran into Linda while walking down the street and she ran up to me and grabbed my face and kissed me on the cheek.  We talked to her for a minute while she was cleaning some dishes and she looked at me and said "can I call you my anak beh?"  (okay, it was all in visaya, but the last two words are important)  anak means child, and beh is like a cute word for please.  And I officially melted.  I love this woman.  I love her.  I told her absolutely!  That I was obviously her anak, and she was my nanay.  she always just calls me Sister Gwapa (beautiful) and when I went to shake her hand goodbye they were dirty, so she said to me "flying kiss na lang!"  which just means, "just a flying kiss" and then she blew me a kiss.  I love being her missionary.  I love that I have the opportunity to be her missionary.  Gah, I'm truly out of itme.  I have a study I want to share next time.  I love you all so much.  Stay strong huh.  Flying kiss na lang.  :)

Love, Sister Carlee Beyer

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