Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 6th

Sometimes, I feel awkward and have no idea how to adequately start an email.  This is my delima every week.  Today is no exception haha.  I feel reduntant by stating over and over again that the weeks are flying, but my friends, they truly are.  
So the week.  
Last Wednesday, Sister Bateman and I went to the mercado.  It is just like a giant flea market, but it's huge.  And all indoors.  It's like some giant maze or labyrinth.  They have the very best treasures.  Millions of knock off rayban sunglasses, nikes, vans, shoes, basketball jerseys.  And they look legit!  It's way too fun to go and wander and haggle with all the people about how much you're going to pay.  
Thursday we had our Zone training meating.  IT was on the Atonement.  Both the redeeming power of the atonement and the enabling power of the atonement.  It was really eye opening to me.  It made me realize how much more I should be using the atonement in my life.  My heavens, I'm learning a lot of my mission.  The Andersons were there, they baked us brownies.  Whatever would we do without them?  We all went out to lunch, and sister Anderson and I shared deep fried squid.  We bonded rather deeply over it.  We went out and worked that day and taught Edgardo, he is one of our IBD's.  He is doing really well, and should be baptized this month.  We walked up the Raybie and Vangie's house (the members who we always teach millions of lessons at their house) and Raybie is chopping wood, so I decide I would help him.  I took the ax and started chopping wood.  I am not good at chopping wood hahaha.  But they laughed as I tried really hard to help.  1.  Axes are heavy.  2.  Aiming is really hard.  3.  It's harder than you might think in a skirt.  4. chopping takes a very long time haha.  But they laughed, and now everytime they see me they crack jokes about how I have big muscles and how I'm pro and chopping wood.  
Friday:  I'm trying to figure out how to eat something different rather than the four or five meals I know how to cook.  So I'm getting a little creative.  I took a mom recipe and put a Filipina twist on it.  It was actually so dang good.  I discovered that I have a little bit of mom talent in me, because I don't need a recipe. I can just look in the fridge and decide what would taste good.  Sometiems it works like a charm.  Other times, things are a little less delicious.  But I would like to say I'm pretty dang proud of that.  As we were out walking on Friday it poured rain.  I mean POURED. We had our umbrellas and my rain jacket and we were still drenched.  My face was soaked, and my skirt was soaked right where my rain jacket stopped.  It was oddly cold too.  We went and taught one of our recent converts and she took one look at us and just laughed.  I was just grateful to get out of the rain.  
Saturday:  We went to a wedding Saturday morning!  The Elders had a baptism, but the couple needed to get married first.  So we all met at the chapel, the bride had on a simple cream dress, and the groom had on slacks and a white polo.  They looked so great.  They did the wedding, and gave each other the most shy tiny peck I've ever seen (Filipinos are so dang shy) and then they went and changed and the groom got baptized.  It was that simple, and it was wonderful.  And then after the baptism, the bride changed again and went to work.  It was actually kind of beautiful.  It was simple, but they were so happy.  I was able to give the talk at the baptism.  IN VISAYA.  Sometimes, I am still amazed that I can kind of speak another language haha.  
Sunday:  Sister Bateman and I set up Relief Society and got it running.  It's so crazy serving in a branch, the church is so so new here, so it's a lot of work as missionaries.  But we love it.  It's real rewarding.  Sister Anderson came to church that day and showed me a picture she put of us of Facebook.  Remember how I told you that President McCurdy always calls me Sister Beyers?  (He still does it every time) well President Schmutz commented on the picture and called me Sister Beyers too!  It's official, it's my new identity.  I kind of love it.  I don't have the heart to correct it, and in fact, I sign all my weekly emails to President McCurdy, Sister Beyers.  We went out and worked that day, it was a really good fast sunday.  That night the four of us sisters all sat down and were just hanging out.  I love these dang sisters.  They put on "There Can Be Miracles" from the Prince of Egypt and I gave them a stunning concert. I had no shame.  I belted it at the top of my lungs just like the the concert vocalist that I obviously am.  They were crying with laughter.  Missions are so simple, but random things like that make the best memories.  Oh!  And for another fun bug update, in a lesson on Sunday night, a cockroach flew into my hair and I had to calmly get it out so as to not embarrass the people we were teaching.  SEND HELP. 
Monday:  I got up and decided to make French Toast in honor of transfer calls.  It was interesting, but it will do haha.  We had an amazing workshop by Elder Smiler.  He has actually been my District Leader for three transfers now, he was in Carcar and then we both transferred here.  He is such a good missionary, and his workshops every week are to die for.  This week he talked about the last two days of Jesus Christ's life.  It truthfully brought me to tears.  It was amazing. And it really changed the way I think about some things.  Transfer calls came and Sister Bateman and I are staying here together for another transfer!  We're going to have way too much fun this transfer.  She is going to be my first ever companion that I'm with for two transfers.  That night we had an FHE at one of my favorite members house.  Their whole family was over for their daughters first birthday.  THey are such a cute family.  It's the Quiro's.  They are the one who have the little boy who kissed me on the mouth when I first met him haha.  His name is Jhanrhyl.  His little sisters name, you ask?  Jhanrhylla.  This family is so great.  We were having FHE and Sister Quiro's brother was talking to me about his work.  He is a diver, he dives down and gets octopus and huge shells and such. But he does it without an oxygen tank. So he talks to me about this for about twenty minutes.  I tell him I'm scuba certified, and we are just bonding and such.  And then someone tells him that I'm probably bored and to stop talking to me about his job.  He got so offended and just said "She's a diver.  She UNDERSTANDS".  I nearly cried from joy.  Obviously, we are now bonded for life.  
Tuesday:  Not a whole ton happened.  We just worked hard and taught tons of lessons.  The usual.  No news is good news sometimes haha.  
I have completely ran out of time. I have a good study for next week.  I will use my time more wisely starting next week haha.  I'm sorry.  But I want you all to know that I love you.  I love the support I have.  I've really learned a lot the past couple of months.  I was thinking this week, and I realized that on the 6th, was when Sister Horn whom I had never met called me and asked me to go on splits.  And thus started this crazy adventure I am now on.  I went on splits the 6th, the 7th I went out all day again.  The 8th I accidentally told Ashley I was going on a mission without realizing I even knew I was going on a mission!  That night I also told Sister Horn that I  was really going to do it.  The 9th I told my mom.  The 10th I met with the bishop, and the 11th my papers were done.  My oh my how things change in a year.  Little did I know what was in store for me.  I'll tell you one thing, I never thought I would end up here.  But I'm so grateful that I did.  I love you all so much.  

Love, Sister Carlee Beyer

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