Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the filipina revolution

Guys!  October is almost over!  The madness continues.  My computer has been really sketchy today, and so slow, so this is going to be really short.  I'm sorry.  I'll type as fast as I can.  But, I want you all to know that I love you.  Hopefully you can feel what I'm trying to convey even in a short amount of words.  :)  
Wednesday: Transfer madness.  The wednesday before transfers are way too stressful.  Packing and cleaning, and grocery shopping for your new companion and saying goodbyes and being sad and nervous and excited and scared all at once!  But it was a good day.  It was chaos, but it was really good.  
Thursday:  Oh man.  The day of all days.  I had been so nervous for Sister Villacorte to get here.  I prayed so hard over this transfer call. I didn't pray  for anything specific.  I didn't ask for anything like training, or a filipina.  I just prayed so hard  for weeks that I would be with the right sister, in the right area.  I was so nervous to see Sister Villacorte.  I was nervous that maybe she wouldn't like me, or what if we didn't get along, or what if I couldn't talk to her.  But I showed up at the pier and there I see her.  My little Filipina.  And just like that, I wasn't nervous anymore.  She is amazing.  She is so sweet and wonderful and understanding.  My Heavenly Father is so aware of me.  
Friday:  I got a package from mom!  The tape was wonderful, and I died over the pictures.  Nothing like some good lovin from home.  The STL's got home on Friday, and I love them.  I live in a full filipina house.  It's me, Sister Villacorte, Sister Minguez, and Sister Nonato.  They got home, and then somehow I became the chef for lunch. Yes my friends, I made Filipina food for lunch.  Me, the only non Filipina!  I'm speaking a lot more visaya these days, but Heavenly  Father blessed me, and the three of these sisters speak really well English too, so I can communicate either way.  But I tell you what, my visaya is growing in leaps and bounds.  And not just gospel visaya, the conversational visaya is going through the roof.  
Saturday: The relief society solicited me to dance with them in front of the entire district (a stake that isn't yet a stake).  We danced to "New York New York" you know that good old timey jazzy tune.  They did a lovely tribute to America and put me front and center.  Bless them.  As we were driving out to our area, we passed the park and they were playing "You can do magic" so loud. And I realized in America it was witches night out, and my heart droppedfor all of you working it hahaha.  We are seeing so many miracles with Sister Villacorte here!  It's amazing.  
Sunday:  It was my seven months in the field.  Vangie Benemerito came to church for the first time in years and I cried!  She's kind of like my mom here.  Sister Anderson came to church with us, and we had a grand old time during Relief Soceity.  Charlynmae, our investigator who I'll talk about next week came to church also.  And, it was the primary program.  AKA cutest thing in the whole world.  
Monday: The first district meeting.  Elder and Sister Anderson took one look at me and started laughing when I walkedin and told me to be careful what I prayed for.  I am the ONLY AMERICAN IN OUR WHOLE ZONE.  Out of 30 missionaries, maybe more, I am the only white kid.  I wanted a Filipina, and I have plenty to choose from.  The sisters all call me the filipina nga puti. Or, the white filipina.  Bless them.  
Tuesday:  Sister Villacorte and I had the best language study ever.  She had been writing things down since she got here, and then she went over them with me.  Just little things I say wrong, and ways I can improve.  It was the best language study I've had since Sister Passey.  Sometimes, I really struggle with language study and what to do.  Like I said, my Heavenly Father is so aware of me.  Last night they made me eat bulad.  When in rome, do as the romans, no?  The American pants are put away, this transfer, I'm the white filipina.  Look up bulad.  IT's a dried fish, whole.  And then they fry it.  You have to eat all of it except the spine.  Head, tail, scales and all.  And yes, the bones.  You just leave the spine.  If any of you know me before my mission, you know that I didn't touch fish.  My dad would filet fish so meticulously, no bones, no scales, no head or eyes, and I would touch it.  Well, I now eat bulad.  Haha, Heavenly Father is blessing me so much.  I want you to know I'm happy.  I love you all.  And I miss you like crazy.  Happy Halloween!  Stay strong. 
Love, Sister Carlee Beyer

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