Thursday, November 20, 2014

Come What May.

My family, I love you.  I'm half way done, I'm on the downhill slope, and that's a crazy feeling.  
Wednesday:  We celebrated the 9 month mark of Sister Beyer so right.  I got to wear jeans and vans.  I was feelin a little like Carlee, which is always a good feeling.  After email, we bought rambutans (my favorite fruit) by the kilo and all piled into the truck.  We cruised through the mountains and sugar cane fields bumpin some fabulous Christmas mucis and then we got to the monkey sanctuary. We had to get out of the car, and walk through the jungle and call the monkeys.  We had to do this crazy monkey call thing.  AND THEN THEY STARTED RUNNING FROM THE TREES.  I will not lie, it was scary.  I may have screamed in terror.  I may have had to run from a few monkeys hahaha.  We had some peanuts for them.  I liked the little ones, they were cute and would climb up you like a tree and take your peanuts and run.  But the big ones were SCARY.  One of them chased me for my peanuts hahaha.  It was really fun.  We laughed and had some good times hanging out with the monkeys.  At one point, I was trying to coax a small one to come closer to me, I was holding the whole bag of peanuts, when this huge monkey came running out of nowhere and climbed UP MY BODY AND STOLE MY PEANUTS.  I screamed in pure and utter terror.  Let's just say, it was a day I'll probably never forget.  Brayden, I'm not going to bring you home a monkey, because truthfully, I'm way to scared of the monkeys hahaha.  We went home and for traditions sake, I burned a shirt.  It was stained and I couldn't use it anymore haha.  The Filipinas all thought Americans were weird for having that tradition.  
Thursday:  We taught Charlyn her very last lesson.  We moved her baptism to Tuesday afternoon, which was the earliest we could have it to race against the clock before she had her baby.  She's so ready.  :)  She's changed so much and I love her endlessly.  Also, I made the executive decision that the most beautiful sunsets come from the Philippines.
Friday:  We were able to go out a little early to help out a less active man we found named Larry.  His son is four months old and has a really bad cleft palet, so we are going to try to help him get in with a member who is from the states who comes and does cleft surgeries for free.  The Andersons are helping us out.  Sometimes, its so cool to get to help people, especially in ways I never thought I would be able to.  Also, I spent a good solid hour on Friday sewing my clothes.  Do you people realize how big of a deal this is?  I do not sew.  Send help.  I now sew.  
Saturday:  We got a text that Charlyn had the baby!  So we'll have to move her baptism back, but that's okay.  This must have been the plan for her all along.  :)  We went and visited them and they are doing great.  Charlyn told me that she has named the baby "Carl Blake" after me.  She told me that I've changed her life, and as a result, his.  Sometimes, its amazing to be a missionary. 
Sunday:  We had some really solid people come to church for the first time.  And, everyone is now officially wishing each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year hahaha.  
Monday:  We had District Meeting.  Elder Lawrence is my District Leader.  He's from New Zealand.  He gives amazing workshops.  I've been so lucky with amazing District Leaders.  I've learned so dang much.  We went out to work and we got punted all day long.  I mean, we just walked miles, and it was hot as heck.  At one point, we were walking down a long dusty road, and we just started laughing.  I guess that's just part of missionary work, everyone has a story like that.  But tender mercies came, and the Elders texted us and invited us to an FHE that night in their area!
Tuesday:  We went out to Guadalupe, and we saw some incredible tender mercies.  Everyone out there knows who Edgardo is, and we met some new people, who asked us if we were the ones who helped Edgardo.  And then they listened to us.  That man is doin some work in Guadalupe.  I miss him.  We went home, and had one potato and one can of tuna to our name, we weren't sure what we were going to make, and then the heavens opened and we remembered that we had mac and cheese from Mama Beyer!  We made a feast of mac and cheese, and my little filipina's loved it.  
Yesterday:  Instead of pday, we had zone conference.  It was so great to see President and Sister McCurdy.  Everyone was laughing at me, because I'm the only Sister in two whole zones who isn't Filipina.  We took millions of pictures and had a good old time.  Then we were able to go and visit Charlyn and my dear sweet Carl, in the hospital again.  And that was the week.  It was a good week all in all.  
I studied this week the talk "Come What May and Love It" from Elder Wirthlin.  It is such a good read.  It just talked about how we are all going to have trials, we are all going to go through some really hard things, but that there are those people who face these trials with a good attitude and who choose to learn and grow from their trials.  It made me think of the lesson that Sister Passey taught me oh so long ago in my first transfer of the mission when she just looked at me and said "Sister Beyer, are you going to make this a fear building, or a faith building experience?"  and oh how I've thought back to that time and time again.  It says that "The Lord in his wisdom does not shield anyone from grief or sadness"  We need these trials in order to become converted.  If you look up conversion in the bible dictionary it says "complete conversion comes after much trials and testing.  We must expect these trials and be grateful for them.  They refine us.  They make us strong, we need these trials to push us to grow and change into what He sees in us and to become what He needs us to be.  It talked about the principle of compensation and how every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and grattitude.  And lastly, he said "The simple secret is this:  Put your trust in the Lord, do your best, then leave the rest up to him".  Oh how I know how true that is.  I thought to some of the missionaries who I look up to most on my mission, and when they talk about the trials they've had on their missions.  Hard trials!  Challenging as heck.  And they do it with a smile on their face, because they know how it shaped them and changed them.  I wanna live like that too.  Come what may and love it!
I love you all.  Stay strong huh?  
Sister Carlee Beyer

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