Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Dear Friends, we are now in November.  October is gone.  This is primarily concerning because in my head, I legitimately still think it is June.  Time is the most confusing concept in the entire world.  And it doesn't help that the weather is the exact same every single day.  I cannot wrap my mind  around the fact that it is November.  Missions are madness, it feels like eternities, yet at the same time, the days just blur into one.  Nobody gets it haha.  
This week was complete madness.  And as I looked through my last couple of weeklies, I realize that I've been slacking on good quality weekly emails.  So I solemnly swear to send a quality weekly right now.  
So in good old San Carlos, it is almost Pintaflores.  Which is a huge festival.  HUGE.  It means painted flowers.  They've been getting ready for it for weeks.  It's actually been this last week, and today is the last day of it.  After we finish emailing we are going with the Andersons to watch the big street parade they are doing for it.  The city has gone all out for this. It's been kind of cool to see.  Today, since it's pday we are going to explore and see what treasures we can find.  Last week we went over to the place where they are having a huge farmers market/state fair.  It was so much fun.  We're going to go again today because it will actually all be set up.  
Last Wednesday we were able to teach our investigator/IBD Charlyn. She is so great.  She actually  found us.  She walked up to Sister Bateman and I one day and asked us if we would teach her.  She reminds me so much of Janine, my recent convert from Carcar.  Charlyn is  18, she is  due any day now with a baby.  And if it's  a girl, she said she wants to name her Carlee haha.  (She  saw my name on my scriptures)  She is  so elect.  She learns so much and she loves the gospel.  She came to general conference and  loved it.  Her baptism is set for November 22nd.  She's so great.  We teach her three times a week, and we teach her at a members house.  The Pacaldos.  They are the ones who are constantly uploading millions of pictures of me to facebook (apparently haha).  Charlyn is really great.  She has such amazing faith.  She has a lot of trials, but she's strong.  That girl is tough as nails, and when she talks about this gospel, she just cries.  I love her so much.  
Thursday:  Sister Villacorte kicked my butt in language study again.  I love that dang companion of mine. I realized that I didn't say much about her last week.  She is 22, she is from a place called Kidapawan.  It's in Mindanao, which is south of here, and they speak Visaya there.  She is the youngest of nine kids, and she is the only  member of her family.  When she got transfer calls, she had no idea who I was.  But when she got here, this  is what she had gathered from talking to people, 1.  I was trained by Sister Passey.  2.  I'm really funny.  3. I  want a Filipina companion endlessly.  4. I cook.  So, apparently, that is what I'm known for in the mission hahaha. The last couple of weeks I've gotten endless emails congratulating me for getting a Filipina companion.  I love it.  I feel like Heavenly Father is  so incredibly aware of me this transfer.  I feel like he took all of my weaknesses, my anxieties, my fears, my insecurities, and then he just gave me the perfect companion for all of them. Sister Villacorte just came in and loved the heck out of me.  There is  this adorable Filipina culture habit (I'm  losing English, I have no idea how to explain that) where when you're walking down the road, you hold hands or link arms.  I realize that in American culture, that sounds strange, but it is so common here, and I love it.  When you cross the street you hold hands.  She is always putting her head on my  shoulder or holding onto my arm.  This girl just came in  and loved the heckout of me, and it has been  so good.  She serves the heck out of me too.  I can't keep  up with her.  She wakes up early to wash my shoes.  She's amazing.  Heavenly Father is so good to me.  Thursday we went out to Guadalupe.  We have found some amazing new people to teach.  The Benemeritos gave us a new referral, and we had Detche work with us that day.  Detche is a  branch missionary, and she should be getting her mission call  any week now.  She's so great.  
Friday: Not a lot happened.  It was Halloween, but they don't celebrate Halloween ehre on the 31st.  I missed the  Beyer Family Parties and SOUP.  And I remembered when Brayden didn't know how to say "spooky" and could only say "pookski" and then that made me happy all  day long haha.  
Saturday:  It's November!  It was Kalagkalag, which means All Souls Day, it's their version of Halloween.  There's lots of feasts, and they all go to the cemetaries and put out food and such.  It was madness.  We ate lunch at the Pacaldos, and then we started our fast.  It reminded me so much of my first fast sunday here, because my first fast sunday was easter.  Hot as heck, and punted all day long because of the holiday.  We walked miles!  And by 2:00 we had gone through all of our plans for the day, we had even made double plans just in case.  All of them were exhausted.  So we tracted until 8:00 haha.  THE LIFE.
Sunday was Sister Villacortes birthday.  We broke our fast and the Pacaldos invited us over to eat left overs for lunch. We had a really awesome area broadcast that night that we got to watch.  Elder Oaks spoke at it, it was amazing and so relatable.  
Monday: Not a lot happened.  Other than a fabulous story of a man brought out a  stool for me to sit on.  There was a lizard on it, I went to sweep the lizard off of the stool and it apparently did not like that.  It jumped off the stool andbooked it...directly up my skirt.  That dang lizard ran up my leg and I started screaming and jumping around trying to get the lizard OUT OF MY  SKIRT.  This my friends, this is the life of Sister Beyer.  
Tuesday: Not a lot happend, we got punted a ton this whole week because of the holiday and pintaflores.  But last night as Sister Villacorte and I were talking, she was asking me what foods we eat in America.  We had a hilarious conversation where I tried to explain  for 15 minutes what a casserole was.  We're learning so much from each other haha.  
I've been slacking off for many moons on a good study.  So here it goes. 
President and Sister McCurdy have been talking a lot lately about happiness.  So Idecided to study it out a little bit.  At our last conference Sister McCurdy gave a really good  workshop on happiness, and it made me think of my sweet family.  Firstly it made me think of my main man, Grandpa Gib.  I was reminicing on family dinners every Sunday.  Having him come over, and from the time I can remember, me running over and giving him a big hug.  Him hugging me back extra tight and greeting me with a "hi hun" and then me asking him how he was doing.  And his response has always been the exact same, every week.  "Good!  I'm always good".  Now that's a smart man.  He's never said anything contrary.  This 83 year old man has plenty he could  complain about I'm sure, but he chooses to be happy.  Which made me think of my sweet mom who has taught me my whole life the importance of  our attitude and our choices.  I can still hear her catch phrase, "It's the choices we make Carlee" and one of the biggest choices we make isour attitude.  I  wonder where she might have learned that from?  
Sister McCurdy talked about how we are on the path of happiness, the pursiut of happiness, Because we just keep moving forward and pursuing after it.  I've  recently been reading the book of mormon, and studying Nephi.  Man, I  love Nephi, he is such a study.  I came across the well known verse "men are that they might have joy" (2 nephi 2:25)  That they MIGHT have joy.  That might is in there because it is up to us!  And then in 2 Nephi 5:27,  "and it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness"  Now thiswasn't easy, they had to choose to live after it.  We are all aware of this story, but really think about it.  They left their home  and everything they had to journey through the wilderness for years.  They had many hardships.  They built a ship and crossed the great waters and were many times tossed along the waves of the sea.  Nephi's life is  multiple times threatened by his brothers, and in the chapter just before this, nephi's father dies and Nephi has to take his  family and flee from his brothers.  
Poor Laman and Lemuel, I hate to make the same comparrison that has been made countless times, but look at the striking difference here.  They went through the same trials, crossed the same plains andwaters andlook at the differences.  All because they chose to live after the manner of happiness.  Trials of course willcome, we won't becompletely happy 100% of the time.  But we go through hard things to better learn true happiness.  Remember the admonition of the Lord to "be of good cheer".  I love in 2 Nephi 5:11, it says "and the lord was with us"  The Lord is with us!  So be of good cheer!  Happiness is  in our hands, not in our circumstacnes,so choose to be happy. I thought of one of my very favorite talks, "An High Priest of Good Things to Come" and my favorite quote that has often got me through some very hard days on  my mission.  "Don't you give  up.  Don't you quit.  You keep walking.  You keep trying.  There is help and happiness ahead, a lot ofit.  You keep your chin up.  It will all be all right in the end.  Trust in God and believe in good things to come."
So let's choose to be happy.  I've learned a lot from these people, and I assure you that happiness is not in things.  It doesn't come from things.  Choose to be happy, and believe in good things to come. I love y ou all so much.  
Love, Sister Carlee Beyer

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