Wednesday, December 24, 2014

mga milagro gani.

Merry Christmas Eve!  
In my absolute haste to get out the door this morning to get to email today, I forgot my study journal that has such a good studyyyy.  I'm so mad at myself for it.  But I'm going to try to piece it together to the best of my recollection.  
Last Wednesday, we finally bit the bullet, and splurged and bought ornaments for our Christmas tree and decorated it together.  We also went to a park by the ocean and took a bunch of pictures with the sisters we live with.  It was basically cheesy BYU roomate pictures.  We had a lot of fun though.  We found out that Sister Laub (one of the STL's who lives with us) had to go to Cebu to be fingerprinted.  So, me being the smart alec that I am, I said the same thing I say every time that the STL's go to Cebu.  "Take me with you!".  But this time, because of the typhoon and all the conferences, they have only been able to work in their area two full days.  So they texted the AP's and asked, and they said yes!   Heavenly Father is so incredibly good to me.  We went out and worked that night and I was fed squid adobo.  It was black from the ink, so my rice was pitch black haha.  But, it was actually pretty good.  Who have I become haha! 
So Thursday I was able to go with Sister Laub to Cebu.  We got on the ferry and crossed the big blue, and the Naval men on the ship were all in the Navy whites and put on Santa hats to sing Christmas Carols.  Then we got on a bus for two hours.  When we drove into the city, and I saw all the lights I just started to cry.  I don't know why, but Cebu just feels like home to me.  We got onto a jeepney, and drove through the city until we finally made it to the temple.  I saw the temple and had butterflies!  It just feels like home to me.  We went and ate at my favorite restaraunt that Sister Rugg and I always ate at, and then we went and stayed at my old house.  And!  Sister Littell lives there now!  I didn't think I'd get to see her for Christmas.  Miracles exist.  And what is more, guess who walked in the door, Sister Tandiman!  She had to get fingerprinted too.  So I got to see my Indonesian one last time against all odds.  It was a little weird to be in my old house again.  The house I lived in my first transfer.  Sometimes, I'm a nostalgic little thing, but I just had so many memories coming back to me.  It was weird, because all the sisters that I used to live there with are now home and moving on with their lives.  I was almost homesick for that transfer all those months ago.  I'd do it mighty differently now haha.  But we all pulled out all the mattresses, and slept on the kitchen floor.  
Friday:  We woke up, and I got to hang out in the mission office with the senior couple there.  I filed papers and had a grand old time with them.  I even got to go to the post office with them.  They were in the front seats of the car, and I was sitting in the middle seat with my feet on the hump.  I felt kind of like a little kid again.  We went to the post office, and I had a package from a friend filled with cookies!  I was stoked beyond belief.  I was able to see one member from Kamputhaw ward, he was so sweet, he immediately called his wife and had me talk on the phone to her.  I love those people.  She told me that she loved me and missed me, and that she was three months pregnant now!  We talked for probably five minutes, and then we loaded up in the car.  Whose car you might ask.  President McCurdy.  President and the AP's needed to go to San Carlos.  So we just went with them.  Which was the craziest thing ever.  We loaded into their car and took the most gorgeous drive I've ever been on up through a place called Busay.  It was just mountain ranges, we got to the very top and could see all of Cebu Island and the surrounding islands.  We got to the dock, and President asked us to go buy some french fries and McDonalds for all of us. As we are standing in line, they text us telling us to get on the boat right now.  SO WE START SPRINTING WITH A HUGE BAG OF FRENCH FRIES.  WE laughed so dang hard.  That's a moment in my mission I'll never forget.  Then President and I were able to sit on the ferry and just talk for two hours.  I don't really know him very well because I've been so far away.  But we had such a good conversation.  Heavenly Father is so good to me.  
Saturday:  I was able to finish the Book of Mormon.  I made it a goal that since the very first time I read the Book of Mormon was last Christmas, I wanted to be able to finish it again before Christmas.  Especially since my scriptures were my Christmas present last year.  I have never had a more cherished Christmas Present.  Or a more used Christmas Present.  They are true.  The Book of Mormon is so incredibly true.  And then Saturday night Sister Anderson asked if she could take me and Sister Villacorte out to dinner.  I was able to order a TURKEY SANDWICH AND A DR PEPPER.  The ultimate desire of my heart.  Heavenly Father is good to me.  
Sunday I was fed a meal of boiled bananas with fermented fish on top of it hahaha.  
Monday:  I got a surprise package with Christmas cards from my boys.  Brayden wrote me a letter and it made me cry!  it felt like home.  :)
I'm so out of time, I'm sorry.  But I'm so excited to skype you tomorrow.  I love you.  Merry Christmas!
Sister Carlee Beyer
p.s.  I was just really excited this week. I didn't focus. I'll do better next week hahaha. 

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