Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Gift

Well, another week has come and gone.  And we are now officially into December.  Are you sick of me talking about the time yet?  Or are all of you just as confused as I am?  It was a wonderful week, full of adventures and plot twists, but we survived to tell another tale.  
Last Wednesday we had a crazy day.  We had a zone activity, and the zone leaders informed us in district meeting that we would be having a budol fight.  Which is really fun.  You just get a bunch of banana leafs, and then you pour rice on them and whatever food you can.  And then you all sit around the banana leafs and eat with your hands.  So we're all stoked.  And then they inform us (not ask, inform) that us sisters will be making the food for all twenty of us!  So last Wednesday we got up early and were all cooking food for the twenty of us.  It was almost just like Thanksgiving at home.  We had some Amy Grant music playing and we all just laughed and helped each other cook.  I'm totally pro at Filipina food now.  It was a really fun activity.  And after we ate so much food and were stuffed, we played games for a few hours. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving!  They don't have Thanksgiving her at all.  And I live with a bunch of Filipinas, but I surely did not let that stop me.  I was determined that we would sit down, and we would have thanksgiving, and it would be delicious and we would be thankful dangit!  It was a little bit of a sad looking thanksgiving haha.  I bought a lechon manok, I made mashed potatoes, and Sister Anderson donated some real McCormick gravy to the cause, and then I made some  candied squash.  And of course rice for my Filipinas.  We had Sister Ramos and Salazar staying with us, which was fun because Sister Ramos and I lived together in Carcar, and she lived in AMerica for three years, so she had had Thanksgiving before.  We sat down to eat our lunch, and they asked me to explain what Thanksgiving actually was.  They didn't quite get it, but they enjoyed it.  Then we just went out to work, and that was that.  We came home that night, and I ate cold  leftovers, it was surely a different Thanksgiving, but it was good.  
Friday:  The Andersons came over, because they had to go to Cebu and wouldn't be back until after transfer day.  They came over to tell me goodbye.  They hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and told me how much they have loved working with me, and that they would miss me.  Everyone was certain I would transfer.  Including me.  It was a week filled with goodbyes.  And many, many tears.  When I said goodbye to the Andersons we all just cried.  
Saturday:  We got up at 5:30 to play games with the branch missionaries, then we went home had personal study, and then got together with the branch to build my main girl Charlyn a house!  It was a really great service project.  The branch was amazing.  The men all got together and built her family a house, and then us girls got together and laba'd all their clothes.  It was such a good service project.  It started to rain as we were doing laba, and I had a crowd of about twenty people just staring at the American who was doing laba and speaking visaya, and all of us missionaries just started singing our favorite efy songs and hymns.  One thing led to another, and then I started trying my hand at rapping in visaya hahaha.  It was way too much fun.  So many people were recording us.  I have a rockin rap introducing us as missionaries hahaha.  And then, later that day we all went to the church for Charlyns baptism!  We got it all set up, and she was able to be baptized on Saturday...except...the main water pipe was broken!  There wasn't water to fill up the font.  So sadly, we had to postpone it.  
Sunday:  I woke up and it was freezing.  (It was like 85 degrees) but I refused to have a cold water bucket shower.  So I decided I deserved a hot bucket shower.  It took me a half an hour, but I heated up pots of water on the stove and filled up my 5 gallon bucket with hot water.  It was dreamy beyond all description.  We went to church, and there was no water again!  So we had no choice but to move the baptism to the ocean!  We planned it for after church, but while we were at church, we had three investigators show up from Guadalupe.  All men.  My little band of misfit boys in Guadalupe is just growing, and it is all from Edgardo.  They are all IBD's right now.  :)  I had given a few of my skirts to the branch missionaries here, as a going away gift, and they all wore them to church on Sunday and loved them.  And then, as I was sitting in Sacrament, Sister Anderson came in and pulled me out of the sacrament hall!  They had to come back to San Carlos for something, and she told me she had a going away gift for me.  She took me in to show me that Elder Anderson had fixed the baptismal font, and that it was full!  We had the baptism, and it was wonderful.  Charlyn gave a beautiful testimony, and everyone cried.  
Monday: I developed a horrible cold.  I mean horrible.  So I decided that once again, I deserved a hot water bucket shower again.  I made pancakes for everyone and we went to district meeting.  Everyone was sure I would transfer.  The elders wrote on the board that I was transferring to another island!  Siguijor, the dream area of the mission.  And everyone cheered!  I was so excited.  And then they laughed and erased it and told me it was not so, that i was to stay here for another transfer.  Oh.  So I'm going on four transfers here.  Which will be six months, one third of my mission!  It's crazy, I surely didn't see that coming.  But I get to spend Christmas with my Andersons who I love so much.  That night, Sister Rugg was able to call me from the mission home to tell me goodbye.  (Trainers get to call their anaks) we had a good talk, shed a few tears, and said that we would se each other in August.  We wer fed three dinners in a row on Monday because everyone thought I would be transferring! haha.  But the branch missionaries squealed with absolute joy over me staying.  And Charlyn cried when she found out.  So I'll Christmas here, and we'll just keep going!  
I am absolutely out of time.  I have a study I really want to share, I'll have to do it next week.  But earlier, President McCurdy asked us to go tomormon.christmas.org and watch the video posted there.  It is under three minutes, and it brought me to tears.  Its amazing, and it's what it's really all about.  I gotta go.  I love you huh!
Sister Carlee Beyer

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