Tuesday, January 20, 2015


My loves, I email you right now from the Island of Cebu.  I won't lie about it, I love Cebu Island so much. It feels so good to be back on my island.  To be back to my home of Cebu.  I think I'm definitely a Cebu kid.  
Anyways this week has been a complete blur.  On Wednesday it was complete madness to get me packed AND Sister Villacorte, to get everything ready for the two new sisters coming in to our area and to say goodbye to everyone.  The joys of being in an area so long is that not only did I have to say goodbye to my branch, but the other branch that meets in our building because I got so close to them.  One amazing family from that branch brought us dinner one night to our house since we couldn't go to their house for dinner for a goodbye party, so they just brought it to us.  It was all things last minute and goodbyes.  So many people gave me such wonderful gifts as I was going away.  My favorite one was from the Pacaldos and Detche.  Its a yellow shirt, that has black velvet writing on it that says "You need Jesus".  I will basically wear it off of the plane coming home hahaha.  We said goodbye to some of my very favorite people in the world in a part of our area called Hope.  We gave them all hugs and they got us on a trike, and then stood in the middle of the road waving as we drived away, and I openly wept as I watched them.  We were able to go to the Andersons because Detche had got her mission call!  So we were there when she opened it.  I've been working with Detche for six months, we kind of have a relationship like SIster Horn and I did.  
Thursday life started real early, we had to get up at 4:30 to transfer.  We got on the ferry, and we were able to lay on the bunk beds they had and just talk and look at the ocean.  And then we landed in Toledo!  Sister Lefler is my new companion.  She is so sweet.  There is also another sister here named Sister Larsen who I love.  But when they saw me they both looked at me and started laughing.  Why you ask?  BECAUSE THE WEIRDOS READ MY WHOLE BLOG BEFORE THE MISSION.  I'm so shy.  I forget I have a dang blog.  So they know my whole life story, and all my companions, and my areas.  It was so much fun though.  We went to Macdos for lunch #blessed. And Sister Lefler even bought my lunch for me.  We walked for miles that day, she's just got some crazy greeny fire happening.  And then that night we went to the newly called Relief Society Presidents house, because she makes us dinner once a week, every single week.  We are so blessed.  Sister Lefler and I live in a cute little blue apartment, it's just the two of us, we have a room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.  It's weird to not have roommates.  I've never not had roommates in my mission.  But we have fun together.  
Friday I decided to make us some mac and  cheese, she appreciated the glory that is mac and cheese.  And then a horrifying thing started on Friday that has not yet stopped. Everyone who I introduced myself to started asking me how many areas this was for me.  I would tell them four, and they would say "wow sister!  You're going home so soon!"  I would protest and tell them that I still have seven months, and they just keep telling me that I'm going home so soon, and how old I am in the mission.  This is a very scary thing and I have a feeling it only gets worse from here.  It's kind of crazy being the follow up trainer.  It's a tender mercy at times.  It'll kick your butt for sure.  It's crazy to be the one being in charge of the language, but it does go to show you that you do know a little bit more than you think.  It's cool to be able to look at Sister Lefler and remember how I felt.  To see things in her, that I used to do as well.  We've talked a mighty lot about two of my very favorite people in the world, Sister Rugg and Sister Passey.  I find myself time and time again telling her the exact things they told me.  I've been really grateful for the wonderful trainers that I had.  Also, Friday night I was lookin around the apartment, and there was a metal bar screwed into our concrete wall. I was trying to figure out what it was, and determined that it was a pull up bar.  So I decided to work out or something, so as I go to do a pullup on this bar, I say with total confidence "Oh yeah, totally a pull up bar" and to my dismay, the bar comes ripping out of the wall, as I fall on our clothes rack and to the ground.  Sister Lefler is still laughing over this, and just keeps telling me "oh yeah, totally a pull up bar".  I have a rad bruise on my arm from trying to be cool.  I guess I  deserved that.  
Saturday Sister Lefler took us out to the furthest part of our area, it's called Bato.  It's amazing.  The first day I got here she told me that our area wasn't ~that bukid.  And then we went to Bato and hiked up a mountain for literally fourty minutes to get to one house and then come back down.  I laughed and told her that if this wasn't bukid, I didn't know what was.  It's the most bukid part of my entire mission.  But it also has some awesome city in it.  For example, MACDO.  And there is a lovely man that rides around on a bike with a side cart selling donuts.  Real donuts.  It's the best of both worlds.
Sunday was my first time here.  It was a little bit of culture shock.  I felt so out of place!  There was carpet and padded folding chairs in relief society.  I have seen none of that since Kamputhaw!  And there was aircon!  I will admit, I missed San Carlos when we were greeting everyone in Sacrament.  In San Carlos, I was so close with all the members, that every man, I would shake his hand, and every woman we would hug and do that adorable cheek to cheek kissy sound thing.  And I knew everyone by name.  So it was a little weird to start all over again.  And no one kissed my cheek!  Also in the middle of sacrament I looked up and the family in front of me brought their dog to church, so I glanced up to see just a furry face staring at me tongue out and tail wagging.  After sacrament here, we went out to Bato again, and were able to have a special sacrament service out there for the saints of Bato.  It was so amazing. It was my first time getting to experience such a thing.  We met under a tarp tied between a banana tree and a coconut tree, we sat on bamboo benches in the sand.  For the sacrament they passed around the bread, and they only had five cups for about thirty of us.  So we just passed the cups down the row.  It was such a special spirit.  We only get to do that once a month, but man, I loved it.  
Monday was district meeting.  So good!  I got to see some sisters who I just love!  I got to see Sister Agawin and Sister Robertson.  I haven't seen either of them for six months.  So once I saw them, they both told me how grown up I look, how I can speak the language, and how I've lost weight (BLESSED).  And the missionaries who didn't know me, figured out who I was really fast as soon as it came up that I was SIster Passeys anak.  One sister even told me that i looked the same as her.  Well, salamat!  And I met an Elder who is really good friends with Tyler!  
Tuesday:  We literally just hiked mountains!  It was amazing.  We would just hike up mountain ranges.  And it's hot as heck because it's almost summer again!  Sister Lefler is a champ and just marches up those mountains.  Man, the greeny fire is so real!  For the first time in a long time, my feet hurt last night.  She's a dang hard worker.  We had to hike literally 45 minutes to a house.  Thank heavens for the Gatorade mom sent me.  And then at night we catch a trike back home, cruise along the ocean side, and then walk home along the boardwalk and the ocean.  I'm so blessed to be in Toledo.  It's such a great area, and Sister Lefler is so amazing. I think she is teaching me more than I'm teaching her. 
I've been studying the New Testament this week.  Curtis mentioned on Christmas that I needed to set some goals since I'll be coming home sooner than I want to admit.  So I made some goals to try to really push myself.  This transfer,  I want to read the entire New Testament.  I started in Matthew and have just loved it.  I understand it so differently now.  I decided to mark everytime that Jesus heals someone, or performs a miracle.  The pages just come to life!  As I've read, I've shed a tear or two.  He is so amazing.  He is so filled with compassion.  I found a new favorite verse in Matthew 8:7.  It says "And Jesus said unto him, I will come and heal them".  Is there anything more beautiful?  I have seen it time and time again in my life, and in the lives of those around me.  His arms are ever outstretched to us.  He will heal us of any sickness we have.  Our fears, our insecurities, our shortcomings, our physical sicknesses, emotional, spiritual, mental.  He will heal us.  But not from afar, no no, He will come to us.  His arms are ever outstretched to us.  I know that He lives.  I have felt Him walk with me in these tiny jungle paths.  I'm so grateful to wear His name on my chest, and to climb mountains to tell people that He lives, and He loves them.  I love you all so much.  Stay strong.
Sister Beyer

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