Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Weekly.

Hi loves.  I miss you all.  The last little bit has been so crazy in the Philippines for so many reasons.  Last week I forgot to mention that the Pope was in the Philippines.  So it was complete madness all week long, and everyone was talking about the Pope and not really wanting to talk to the mormons.  Alas, it was cool to say that I was on my mission while the Pope was here.  And then this last week was Sinulog.  Literally madness.  Its a giant festival.  Just go ahead and google/youtube Sinulog Cebu, and you should be able to also look up Sinulog Toledo.  It was absolutely madness, and there were millions of people. 
Also, just a fun fact, we have a new rule in the mission that you can't "email back and forth with people".  Don't worry, I can still email all of you, I just can't "chat" or we can't have a conversation back and forth as if we are texting.  Hopefully that makes sense.  However, we are just going to take this time to write some quality emails.  Maybe now, I'll actually send a worthwhile response to people when them email me.  The point is, I love you all.  Keep the email and support coming.  :)  I miss youuuu.
Last Wednesday we were supposed to have a district activity, but it kind of fell through.  So we ended up all just going to the beach and taking pictures for an hour.  It was so much fun.  We went on exchanges that night with the STL's here, so we stayed at there house.  One of my STL's is Sister Robertson.  I talked about her a long time ago in Carcar.  She was the one who shared a beautiful testimony that changed my mindset on Jesus Christ, and also the one who I nearly fell off my chair laughing with when we were talking about wearing skinny jeans again.  Anyways, this is her very last transfer, and I feel so lucky to get to serve with her in the same District.  She's amazing, and so incredibly on fire.  I've looked up to her my whole mission.  
Thursday we had exchanges, I worked with Sister Lamoglia, a sister from Abu Dabi (the middle east).  It was fun, I had to lead the area after only being here for a week!  But it was good.  She made us stop and buy some street barbecue.  She bought me street meat!  Chicken intestines of all things.  She made me eat it, because she was completely shocked I had been here for almost a year, and had never had it.  It was okay tasting.  The texture is interesting.  But when I was thinking about the fact that I was eating intestines, and what the primary function of intestines are, my stomach churned a bit.  That night we went back and had interviews with the STL's and they gave me some really great advice.  For the first time, my interview wasn't geared toward me being new in the mission.  They looked at me and said "you only have six months left.  So what are you going to do?"  WOW.  That was a crazy feeling.  They were so sweet though, and I felt really good after it all.
Friday I decided to try my hand at cooking chicken curry, and poor sister lefler was my guinea pig, but we think it was good.  We went out to work, and it was pouring rain, and we got punted for HOURS.  You just gotta laugh and say that it's part of the missionary experience.  We just walked for hours in the rain talking to anyone who would listen to us.  Luckily that night we had a dinner appointment, so we had something to look forward to.  
Saturday was such a good day.  We had a service project, we sprinted down to macdos to get breakfast, and walked in at 10:31, didn't think anything of it, and then they tell us that they stop serving breakfast at 10:30!  Well we had already paid for the trike to take us there.  So we ate a cheeseburger at 10:30.  I would definitely not recommend it.  We went out to Bato, the really far part of our area, and it was just the two of us on the trike. We were driving for the fifteen minute stretch of highway along the ocean, and as we were looking at the ocean, we just started talking about our Savior.  We got to talking about the Atonement, primarily the enabling power of the atonement.  And how we have changed because of it.  I never understood anything about the atonement before, and I won't pretend to understand a lot about it now, but I do love it.  I love our Savior, for loving us enough to give his life for us.  As we were talking just the two of us in the trike, the waves started coming up, and spraying us with ocean water.  It was such a cool moment, its really hard to explain it.  I was just so filled with love for my Heavenly Father for sending me to the most amazing, wonderful place in the world to learn about my Savior Jesus Christ, and teach others that He Lives.  We had such a good day.  We taught an AMAZING lesson to a woman named Flora.  Probably one of the best lessons I've ever taught in my mission.  We left just feeling so on cloud nine.  Sister Lefler looked at me and said "I've never had a lesson feel like that"  and then she was just quiet for a long time before saying "Is this how missionary work feels?  I've never felt so happy in my entire life"  and I just had to grin, I see so much of myself in her.  And I remember feeling that exact same way when I was new in the mission.  It's a rush and a thrill that is so hard to explain.  There is nothing that feels better than missionary work.  We went back to Toledo that night and they had the grand opening for a 7/11 here.  DREAMS.  Seven eleven is totally high class.  As we were trying to walk home, Sinulog was in full force.  They had a parade of people, at 8:00 at night, and the streets were just packed!  Literally hundreds of people walking down the streets holding candles and Santo Nino, (a saint here, it is the whole purpose of sinulog).  Well, we surely do not believe in Santo Nino, nor did we have candles, and to top it off, we were walking the complete opposite direction of the parade.  I've never stood out so much in my entire life as I was trying to walk the opposite direction of the crowd to push my way back to get home.  There's got to be a parallel here somewhere.  We got home and just layed on the floor and laughed and talked about what a good day it is.  There's nothing better than being so tired, and so happy all at once.  Missions are crazy experiences. 
Sunday: I had to speak in Sacrament meeting and teach gospel principles.  Goodness, I was so aware of my visaya haha.  In relief society we were reading from the manual and they read "tigpalit" which was talking about a woman in the story who was the one buying someone.  And they all started laughing and yelled "Sister Beyer!".  I was so pleased with that wonderful visaya joke.  And then the relief society president came up to me afterwards and kissed me on the cheek!  It's coming back!  I will get all the nanays to kiss me on the cheek.  :)  
Monday we were able to have our zone interviews.  It is so good to be able to see President and Sister McCurdy and talk to them and have one on one time with President McCurdy.  It was so good to talk to President. I think we had the best interview I've ever had.  It was so spiritual.  We talked a lot about the things I'm facing, the things I'm worried about and he just gave me the sweetest council and advice.  I told him I was scared to go home, and that in fact, I think it would be nice to live here forever, and he just laughed and told me that that is not in fact allowed.  So I guess I'll see you all after all in August.  He just looked at me and smiled and said "Sister Beyer, you're surely not the same girl I met 6 months ago".  That feels really good.  I don't feel the same. I feel really different, and it's a good feeling.  We talked about what I need to do the next six months to make sure that i can go home exhausted, having given my absolute all.  He just smiled and said, "sister beyer, I've never seen you look so happy".  I really am so happy here.  It just feels so good here.  I also got a fabulous package from home, filled with endless betty crocker meals, and stovetop delights and all things american.  Thank heavens Sister Lefler likes American food. We have a whole shelf of our pantry dedicated to American dinners.  I don't even think we need to go grocery shopping later.  We just need to buy vegetables.  I also got a ton of christmas cards from people back home.  I even got some from families in the ward, that I'm not sure I've even met.  So spread the word that I say thank you!  It really was so sweet.  
Yesterday:  We just worked and hiked mountains.  Tuesdays are usually pretty busy days.  But I feel like I never really have a lot to report.  Oh!  Other then when Sister Lefler and I were trying to cross a little bridge thing, I stepped on the wood, and it came up and hit her foot and impaled a chunk of wood in her foot.  And then I had to go all doctor on her and do surgery and pull chunks of wood out of her foot.  This is a big deal, because if I see any kind of blood I pass out.  But I was a nice companion and doctored her foot up nice.  I'm growing up so fast.  ;) 
Okay, to answer some questions.  Sister Lefler is from Logan Utah.  She is 19.  She went to USU.  She is an amazing singer, and is probably going to be a music major.  She is the tenth of eleven kids.  And I love her.  She is exactly what I need right now.

As for Toledo.  It is a branch again.  It is a port town, so people are always coming and going, and there is a huge boardwalk, and then a huge dock for the ferries.  It's fun to watch the ferries come in and go out.  It is known for having some of the best siomai.  We have a senior couple here named The Halls, I don't really know them yet.  There are THREE grocery stores, and concrete homes.  I'm totally in culture shock.  The trikes are totally different.  And we live on the top of a huge hill.  So you can see the ocean and the port and all the ferries and I love it.  And of course the macdo sign just shines for miles around.  We walk pretty much everywhere in our area.  We basically only ride a trike to get out to Bato, but other than that, we walk.  Up and down mountains every day.  My feet hurt, and my legs are going to be in shape!  We live five minutes from the church, and I love it.  And that my friends, is my life right now.  I'm out of time.  But I love you.  And I'll talk to you next week.  Next week I hit February, we're almost at a year.  That's scarier than I can even begin to express. But.  It's gonna be okay haha.  I love you all so so much.  I'll talk to you soon.  
Sister Carlee Beyer

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