Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Best is Yet to Come

My friends, it is full fledged Christmas in the Philippines.  Everyone has Christmas trees up, the houses are decorated, Christmas music is blasting, everyone is wishing each other a Merry Christmas, and some of the houses even have Christmas lights up on the house.  I like this whole Christmas in October thing.  Christmas in the Philippines is a wonderful thing already, I'm stoked for December.  
Wednesday:  I finally got my birthday card from mom and it had my survival bracelet from Brayden in it!  I love it.  I wear it every day, because who knows what kind of wilderness survival needs I might have.  I even sleep with it, just in case.  It never comes off my wrist.  Best birthday present ever!  Last Wednesday was utter chaos.  We ran through the grocery store, we sprinted into our house and changed in 38 seconds flat and got out the door.  My hair was french braided, which apparently made me look even more like Elsa.  Everyone was calling me Elsa all day long.  Sister Bateman and I were walking that night, and I looked down to write something in my planner, and I glance up as I see TWENTY KIDS RUNNING TOWARDS ME SCREAMING.  They were charging me so fast.  I looked up and screamed in fear.  I am not exgaggerating.  This happened.  I screamed in fear. And then they all swarmed me singing Let it Go.  The madness.  
Thursday we were able to hear from President and Sister McCurdy.  I love that sweet couple so much.  It was so good to be able to see them.  We don't get to see them up here very often because it is so far away.  The  other zone had interviews that day, and while they were waiting, some of the sisters went on splits with us.  But we only had lessons planned for me and Sister Bateman.  So I went out with Sister Hamson and we just tracted all day to try and find some new people.  It was a really good day, and we were able to find some really good people along the way.  I love a new set of eyes in an area.  It changes everything.  Also!  I got a new nickname on top of Elsa.  My hair was down and curly, and someone yelled "Taylor Swift" as I walked by. If any of you know me, you know this made me so stoked.  And I've been getting it more and more.  Elsa and Taylor Swift?  I'll take it!
Friday: We were able to have our interviews with President McCurdy.  He is amazing.  I loved talking with him and getting to know him better. I know that we are supposed to be here together. I'm excited to see what we are going to do together in the next 9.5 months.  Sister Bateman and I went home, and the Andersons texted us and asked if they could work with us that day.  So we went out with them and the four of us tracted around a little bit and had a really good day.  They are the sweetest people in the whole  world.  It wasso much fun to teach lessons with them.  
Saturday:  Not a ton happened on Saturday.  It poured rain.  I was sitting on the back of a motor on a trike, and a bus passed us on the highway.  It was basically a bad missionary movie, because as the bus passed me, it happened to hit a puddle, and I got what felt like a bucket of water on me.  It sprayed directly on me and my face.  I was soaked.  How did that even happen?  That night we splurged and bought a pizza because it was Sister Wilcox's last night in the Philippines and we all had a pizza party together.  
Sunday:  We went on splits with the relief society, which puts our grand total of splits in one week, FOUR.  That's insane.  We said goodbye to sister Wilcox and then had to drag the mattress into our room so Sister Minguez wasn't alone.
Monday: The transfer calls.  It was painful.  They wrote up everyone who was transferring on the board, and then they write Sister B...and pause.  RUDE.  They finally write that Sister Bateman is transferring to Dumaguette, and that my new companion is Sister Villacorte.  I stared at the name, and then just yelled "TAGA ASA SIYA" which means, "where is she from"  They all just looked at me with grins and finally yelled FILIPINA!  THE FILIPINA REVOLUTION IS UPON US!  I finally get a Filipina companion.  I am so excited I can barely stand it.  And apparently this girls native language, is VISAYA.  And I'm living in a house with three filipinas.  AKA, my whole life is going to turn upside down, and i'm going to be a fluent little thing.  I can just feel it.  We went out to Guadalupe to see our family out there and had one last FHE.  It was so much fun.  
Yesterday, we did a service project for a member in our branch. We helped them build their house, and painted. I was in charge of painting their fence, dad, you would be proud.  IT was a quality job.  
Today is going to be hectic, we are just getting ready for Sister Bateman to leave, and SIster Villacorte to get here tomorrow morning.  
Curtis sent me an email a couple months ago with a quote from his mission president that said "the best is yet to come".  Sometimes I think on my mission that I'll never have a better companion than so and so, or I'll never have a better area, I'll never have a companion that will just get me like sister whoever, but I liked how Curtis said the best is yet to come.  I think it is.  The best is yet to come, I don't know what it is, but I'm mighty excited for it.  I love you all.  I'll talk to you next week and tell you all about my new super filipina life!  I'm so excited!  
Stay strong.  
Beaches and Mangos baby.
Sister Carlee Beyers

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